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Caravan Tracking Devices

There is no denying that UK holiday goers depend on their caravans. Touring with a caravan allows for cheaper holidays, quality family time and most importantly, the freedom to go where you want when you want. How awful then, when your beloved caravan is taken from you.

Tracker’s Retrieve Battery Powered Caravan Tracker has a great range of benefits, including stolen vehicle tracking and recovery in the awful event that your caravan is stolen.

Tracker has an average vehicle recovery rate of 95%, meaning caravan theft doesn’t have to mean putting your life on hold.

The True Cost of Caravan Theft

The impact of caravan theft is about more than losing your vehicle, there are both financial and emotional consequences.


  • Loss of a home away from home
  • Loss of personal valuables and belongings
  • Loss of your insurance excess
  • Loss of your no-claims bonus
  • Insurance settlement delays

 Tracker™ for Caravans

Tracker strives to innovate our products to ensure caravan owners always have peace of mind. Our caravan security devices feature patented VHF technology which is resistant to GPS/GSM signal jamming. VHF technology can locate vehicles even when underground or in shipping containers.

In the awful event that your caravan is stolen, Tracker works in partnership with UK Police Forces to retrieve your caravan quickly and painlessly.


Our Retrieve Battery Powered tracker is Thatcham approved, user friendly and perfect for tracking your caravan in the event of a theft.

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Retrieve Battery Powered

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  • Military-grade patented VHF technology that can track stolen assets even when concealed in metal containers, lock-ups or underground car parks
  • Long battery life with up to 5 years standby
  • Easily installed in vehicles or non-powered assets

Benefits of Tracker™ for Caravans

  • Insurance-approved caravan trackers to reduce your insurance premium Thatcham-approved caravan tracker (accepted by all caravan insurers)

  • Suitable tracking system for all caravans

  • The best caravan tracker technology in the UK with VHF 

  • Unique tracking technology that is not affected by criminals’ GPS/GSM signal jammers

  • Nationwide Support from UK Police Forces

European Coverage

Caravan tracking with Tracker is available with partial European coverage.

If your caravan is stolen with a Tracker product installed and then shipped away, our team is able to track it throughout the UK, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Holland and Luxembourg.


Nationwide Support from UK Police Forces

Tracker has a strong relationship with the UK Police Forces. Thanks to this unique partnership, we have supplied over 2000 police vehicles with tracking products, including the National Police Air Service helicopter fleet. Our systems are also present at every major UK port.

Tracker is the only vehicle tracking company to work with every Police Force in the UK. Our police liaison team, including a former senior officer, works daily with UK Police Forces ensuring the swift recovery of stolen vehicles.

Having a Tracker system installed on your caravan means you’ll have proactive nationwide support from every UK Police Force, considerably improving the chances of recovery and also recovery time.

Just want to say massive thank you for brilliant customer service. Tracker has been worth the money. Always hoped we would never need it for what it was for. Proved as an invaluable piece of technology.

28,116 Tracker recoveries to date
2,953 arrests from cars fitted with Tracker products
Value of vehicles recovered over £594 million

About Tracker

Tracker is a vehicle security and safety company dedicated to the protection of personal and business assets from potential thieves, for over 25 years. Through the use of a patented VHF technology, Tracker continues to develop new and existing products to keep up with current theft trends in the UK.

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