How Tracker Works

How Tracker™ Works

What to expect from Tracker™ and how to manage in the event that your vehicle is stolen

About Tracker

Tracker is the leading Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) provider in the UK, offering patented VHF technology, which is resistant to GPS signal jamming, a common theft technique. VHF can locate your vehicle to within 1 meter, anywhere in Europe, even if it's underground or in a shipping container.

Tracker supply S5 and S7 Thatcham-approved vehicle tracking products for personal and business use and are in collaboration with UK Police Forces to improve your chances of vehicle recovery in the event of theft.


Tracker utilises VHF technology which is resilient to a GPS/GSM jamming attack. Some Tracker products will also alert you to a jamming attack as soon as it is being attempted.

Police Recovery

Tracker has a long established relationship with the Police and is the only tracking company supported by every Police force. Tracker detection systems are fitted in over 1700 Police vehicles and throughout the national fleet of Police helicopters. VHF technology is also compatible with detection systems used at all major UK sea ports.

Secure Operating Centre

Tracker's secure operating centre is a central hub where you can contact us 24hrs a day, 7 days a week to report the theft of your vehicle. Our dedicated operatives will talk you through the steps and work with the Police to get your vehicle back to you quickly.

Theft Recovery Service

When your vehicle has been located, we will return your vehicle wherever you request within mainland Great Britain. (Terms and conditions apply)

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European Coverage

Tracker products come with either partial, or full European coverage. This means your vehicle can be tracked even if it has been driven across to Europe. (Terms and conditions apply)

Buying a Tracker™ device

1. The vehicle tracking device is purchased through Tracker's online shop.

2. Select your preferred installation date and our scheduling teams will be in touch to confirm.

3. You will receive a confirmation of sale via email.

4.  A member of the installation team will meet you on your pre-scheduled date to install your device discreetly.

5. Once the device is installed and activated, you will receive a Welcome email, containing your welcome pack information.

If you have purchased a device with access to the Tracker Touch App, you will also receive login details for this shortly after installation

Once your device is installed...

To ensure that the police will be able to locate your vehicle, you must:

1. Keep your Tracker membership card with you at all times.

2. Leave your Tracker registration document somewhere safe.

3. Double check that your Tracker registration information is correct.

4. Provide us with two phone numbers and an email where we can contact you.

5. Download the Tracker Touch app – available only for Locate, Vantage and S5 Plus devices.

6. And relax! Your vehicle is now covered in the event of theft.

Alert Notifications

A number of Stolen Vehicle Recovery products offer security alerts and notifications for added protection.

Geofence Alert
Unexpected Movement
Suspected Tampering
Unauthorised Driving

What to do if your vehicle is stolen

1. Immediately report the theft to the police.

2. Obtain a Crime Reference Number.

3. Call Tracker directly from your app or call our 24hr Control Room on +44 (0) 800 911 900*.


PLEASE NOTE: GPS positional data on the Tracker Touch App will be disabled during a theft.


Subscription run out?

Call our Sales Team on 0333 207 4121 or email us at

The only tracking service to offer your vehicle Police protection

No other tracking product comes with the security offered by Tracker’s unique relationship with the UK Police force. Our detection units are fitted on over 2000 police patrol cars, all police helicopters and at major sea ports to help the Police locate your stolen vehicle quickly.

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Tracker For You

Whether it’s your dream car, motorbike, caravan or motorhome, there is a Tracker product to keep your prized possession safe.

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Tracker for Business

For small businesses to sales fleets, from courier vans to construction machinery, keeping your assets where they need to be is made easier with Tracker.

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