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Personal Vehicle Security

We all go to great efforts to look after our vehicles, from regular washing to annual services, but often, we believe that locking the vehicle and setting an alarm is all the security we need. In reality, vehicle theft is a constant threat to vehicle owners and the illegal industry is evolving constantly to evade new security measures innovated by the motoring industry, like relay attacks on keyless entry cars.

If the worst were to happen and your vehicle was stolen without a tracker, there is a good chance that you would never see it again. Standard GPS trackers can track your vehicle to a point, but thieves know how to jam a GPS signal, so with an experienced criminal, a GPS tracker is quickly rendered useless.

Enter Tracker™... 

Personal Vehicle Tracking Devices by Tracker™

Tracker’s patented VHF technology is superior to that of GPS trackers and can track your vehicle across Europe, even if it’s underground or in a shipping container. Tracker’s vehicle trackers for personal use have integrated motion sensor alerts, alerting you immediately if your vehicle leaves its designated geofence area.

Tracker also has a unique relationship with UK Police Forces which allow proactive recovery and quicker response times. Tracker has Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) systems in over 2000 UK Police vehicles, including the National Police Air Service helicopter fleet and most major UK ports. 

With an impressive 95% recovery rate, Tracker is your best chance of getting your vehicle back, unharmed.

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27,214 Tracker recoveries to date
2,844 arrests from cars fitted with Tracker products
Value of vehicles recovered over £573 million

Personal Vehicle Trackers by Vehicle Type

Car & Van Trackers

Car & van tracking devices from Tracker™, keeping watch over your car when you can't.


Motorcycle & Scooter Trackers

Motorcycle & Scooter tracking devices for discreet security.


Motorhome Trackers

Tracking devices for Motorhome, protecting your freedom to protect your lifestyle.


Caravan Trackers

Caravan tracking devices for added security on your home away from home.



The Benefits of Tracker™ for Personal Use

  • 24/7 monitoring via Tracker’s Secure Operating Centre

  • Insurance-approved vehicle trackers to reduce your insurance premium

  • Thatcham-approved vehicle trackers 

  • Suitable for a wide range of vehicles

  • Full or partial European coverage

  • The best vehicle tracker technology in the UK with VHF

  • GPS anti-jamming defence to prevent thieves from blocking the tracker’s signal

  • Nationwide Support from UK Police Forces

VHF: Tracking technology you can trust

Find out how our military-grade VHF technology can help combat vehicle theft

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Tracker - Product Installation Explained

The real cost of vehicle theft

The impact of vehicle theft is about more than losing your vehicle; there are also financial and emotional consequences:

  • Loss of your insurance excess

  • Loss of your no-claims bonus

  • Car hire costs

  • Insurance settlement delays

  • An uplift in Insurance premium

  • Cherished plate re-registration delay

  • Personal inconvenience and distress

Tracker, the ONLY choice for your vehicle protection

Recovering your vehicle is our priority, no matter your vehicle. Tracker is at hand to help

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