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Programme designed to boost dealer profits

Dealer Programmes Designed To Establish A Long-Term and Profitable Partnership With Tracker™

Our Dealer programmes and solutions provide an unique earning potential for all parts of your buisness;

Sales & Service departments , Car sales, Commercial vehicles to Demonstrator and Courtesy cars.

Dealer Partner Programme

Challenges Facing the Automotive Dealer Network

We understand the Dealer landscape is changing with new challenges constantly being faced by dealerships.

FCA regulations being introduced in a bid to make industry more transparent into GAP Insurance and more recently, motor retailers discretionary commission, further impacting the Motor Dealer Network.

With front-end profits shrinking, many dealers need to focus on finding alternative ways to make up their earnings shortfall.


Partnering with Tracker can help you do this.

Tracker Solutions

Tracker's Dealer Partner Programme - Solutions to help mitigate the impact

With front-end profits shrinking, many dealers need to focus on high-margin add-ons and customer retention.


Tracker can help boost profitability by offering:

Incremental Aftersales Revenue
Incremental Aftersales Revenue
Additional Service Revenue
Additional Service Revenue
Improved Profit Margins
Improved Profit Margins
Dealer Partner Programme

Trackerâ„¢ Solutions for Dealerships

In these challenging times find out how Tracker™ can help your business


  • Tracker solutions and our dealer programmes provide unique earning potential for all parts of your business from Sales to Service departments to Commercial and demonstrator vehicles.
  • Tracker works with the dealer network to increase earning potential for both the salesperson and Dealer Group.
  • Additional revenue streams with unique add-on propositions tailored to suit your business.
  • Improve customer retention with Tracker value-added services
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Find out how Tracker can help your business

Boost profits and improve customer engagement with SmartDealer solutions

When a company vehicle is stolen, there are a number of knock-on financial consequences.  The car or van needs to be replaced, but so do any tools and equipment that were stored in the vehicle.By offering a stolen vehicle recovery solution from Tracker as an add-on to vehicles leased from us, we are providing fleet managers, company car drivers and private motorists increased peace of mind and protection against the severe impact a stolen vehicle can bring

Daniel Pass

Managing Director - DreamLease