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TrackerTM - the market leaders in stolen vehicle recovery

As the leading stolen vehicle recovery specialist in the UK, TrackerTM knows that just like their customers, every car is different and requires different things from a vehicle tracker. 

To cater to this, TrackerTM has developed a series of superior vehicle tracking devices to suit a range of needs. TrackerTM’s Thatcham-approved S5 and S7 vehicle trackers include patented VHF technology, which means that, unlike standard GPS trackers, TrackerTM's signal cannot be blocked by being underground, in a garage or in a shipping container.

TrackerTM also has a unique relationship with the UK Police Force, which is likely to mean faster response times and more chance of your valuable vehicle being recovered in the event of a theft. This is aided by TrackerTM recovery devices being fitted in thousands of police vehicles in the UK.

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TrackerTM's range of vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle recovery devices has been designed to suit a wide range of different vehicles, however, it does not actually matter what fuel the vehicle runs on. TrackerTM devices will track your car in the UK and Europe, whether you have a hybrid, electric or petrol/diesel vehicle.

TrackerTM devices have a backup energy source so they don't drain your car battery, and even if your car battery was to be disconnected, your TrackerTM device would still work.

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TrackerTM knows that not all of its motor loving customers are car drivers and that some even have a motorcycle alongside a car. Motorcycles, although more compact, can be just as valuable and in some instances even more valuable than a car. 

Unfortunately, motorcycles are generally more vulnerable vehicles, and with the right equipment they can just be picked up off the side of the road. For this reason, it's vital that motorcyclists take vehicle security very seriously. TrackerTM is here to make this as easy as possible for motorbike owners, and as hard as possible for motorbike thieves.

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Nationwide Support From UK Police Forces

Tracker has a strong relationship with the UK police force. Thanks to this, we have supplied over 2000 police vehicles with tracking products, including the National Police Air Service helicopter fleet.

Tracker is the only vehicle tracking company to work with every police force in the UK.

Tracker's police liaison team, including a former senior officer, works daily with the UK police forces ensuring the swift recovery of stolen vehicles.

Installing a Tracker product onto your car means you have nationwide support from every UK police force, considerably improving the chances of recovery.

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Recovering your vehicle is our priority, no matter your vehicle. Tracker is at hand to help

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