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Vehicle tracking systems

Protect your vehicle with TRACKER, the UK leading stolen vehicle recovery specialist. Our vehicle tracking solutions are the most effective way to protect your vehicle from theft.
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Agricultural and plant tracking

Agricultural & plant tracking

Protect your plant and farming machinery with TRACKER. You could save up to 12.5% off your insurance premium.
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TRACKER recoveries

Total value recovered to date


Number of assets recovered


Number of arrests




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Recovering stolen vehicles for people and businesses is at the heart of our services. The above table shows the value of the vehicles we have helped return to their owners, the amount of assets we have been able to recover and the amount of arrests that have been made from TRACKER solutions.

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Tracker 20 year anniversary

About TRACKER Network (UK) Ltd.

TRACKER has been the UK's leading stolen vehicle recovery expert for 20 years, offering high tech car security solutions ensuring your vehicles are kept secure, whatever use they have. If you fit a TRACKER device, you can be sure that it is not only insurance approved, but also that it has been made using our award-winning, unique technology.

TRACKER also has nationwide support from all UK police forces, so you know that the authorities are at hand, should your vehicle ever be stolen. With TRACKER, you have the best possible chance of retrieving your stolen vehicle because you have the support network, but also the very latest in cutting edge tracking technology.

Desirable cars
New cars are particularly at risk of theft which is why TRACKER offers great new car security systems for drivers. Thousands of vehicles are stolen every day throughout Europe, so it's a very real threat, particularly if you own a desirable vehicle. Be aware that certain brands or models are more sought-after and you should always invest in a tracker if you want to give your car that extra element of security.
Some thieves try to use scramblers that block the signal of an activated tracker. However, the technology used by TRACKER can actually work around these scramblers, so it can still be picked up by the authorities. The devices don't work solely on a GPS signal, so they can offer you that extra layer of protection, should your car go missing. With a new car, you are likely to be extra keen to keep track of it, so this is a godsend for a lot of owners.

Extra secure
Our TRACKER devices are hidden, so that thieves cannot find and remove them easily. When the car is reported as missing, the device will be activated and we will be able to send the signal to the police. They can then track your vehicle and recover it. You also have the option of coverage in Europe, so should your car leave the country, you still have the chance of recovering it. 

Personal vehicle tracking

TRACKER has partnered with the UK police force and led the way in stolen vehicle recovery and vehicle tracking solutions for over 20 years. Whether you are buying a new car and looking for greater security measures, or looking to reduce your insurance premiums or fuel bills, TRACKER can help.

We provide tracking for cars, caravans, static and mobile homes, motorbikes and a host of other vehicles.

Business vehicle tracking

Whatever your business size and type of vehicles in use; from fleets of cars to heavy agricultural machinery, at TRACKER we can give you time and money savings.

Whether you need help with recovering stolen business cars or other vehicles, are looking to track, monitor and save money and time with your fleet of vehicles or are keen to see how TRACKER can help with plant security and insurance telematics our business solutions can give you a competitive edge.

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