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Nissan Car Tracking Devices

Few car manufacturers are as associated with high-performance vehicles than Nissan. You need only look at the iconic Nissan GTR to see their pedigree in exciting cars worthy of admiration. As such, many Nissan cars are targeted by car thieves looking to sell them on the black market. This makes getting protection for your Nissan car something you should definitely consider, before it’s too late. And if you’re thinking of buying a Nissan, why not sort out protection now?

Tracker™ is the perfect response to the rise in car theft, with technology designed to thwart modern car thieves. First though, a little bit about modern Nissan car theft and the techniques involved in it. 

Modern Nissan Car Theft

In today’s age of keyless ignition, criminals have become far more savvy in the techniques used to steal a vehicle. Black-market technology used to bypass keyless ignition has become far more common, with the speed it takes to steal a vehicle decreasing as well. Additionally, the increase in hybrid and electric engines makes it easier for criminals to steal a car without arousing much suspicion. 

The main concerns for car owners though, is the ability for criminals to jam the vehicle's GPS tracker signal. They've also become well versed in knowing exactly where a GPS tracker can be found on a vehicle too, so they're able to simply remove it. This has spurred the vehicle tracking industry to find a solution.

Introducing Tracker™.

Tracker™ for Nissan Cars

Introducing Tracker™, a revolutionary method for keeping your Nissan car safe from potential thieves. Tracker™ is a market leader in stolen vehicle recovery, thanks to its unique tracking technology. Using VHF (very high frequency) technology, Tracker™ is able to locate vehicles in places GPS-only devices simply wouldn’t reach. 

Tracker™ is already in partnership with UK police forces, who use its advanced tracking technology to rapidly locate stolen vehicles with far greater precision. Its trackers are Thatcham-approved, so users can rest assured that Tracker™ is well equipped to recover their Nissan in the unfortunate event of theft.


The following products are Thatcham-approved, user friendly, and suitable for tracking your car in the event of theft.

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S5 Plus

Thatcham Category S5


  • Unauthorised driver alert with Driver ID tags
  • Compatible with all hybrid and electric cars
  • 4-way location tracking with military-grade patented VHF and MESH technology as well as incorporating GPS and GSM technology
  • Access to Tracker Touch app
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Thatcham Category S7


  • 4-way location tracking with our military-grade patented VHF and MESH technology as well as incorporating GPS and GSM technology
  • Vehicle battery disconnect alert
  • Motion sensor to detect unauthorised movement
  • Access to Tracker Touch app
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Thatcham Category S7


  • Military-grade patented VHF technology that can track stolen assets even when concealed in metal containers, lock-ups or underground car parks
  • Motion sensor to detect unauthorised movement
  • Unique tracking that is not affected by criminals’ GPS/GSM signal jammers
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Retrieve Battery Powered

Thatcham Category S7


  • Military-grade patented VHF technology that can track stolen assets even when concealed in metal containers, lock-ups or underground car parks
  • Long battery life with up to 5 years standby
  • Easily installed in vehicles or non-powered assets

Benefits of Tracker™ for Nissan Cars

Why you should consider Tracker™ for your Nissan:


  • VHF (very high frequency) technology helps track vehicles in locations GPS only solutions can’t
  • Tracker™ is trusted by UK police forces
  • Suitable for a wide range of vehicles
  • Thatcham-approved trackers  can lower your insurance costs
  • With a 95% vehicle recovery rate, Tracker™ is amongst the most reliable vehicle trackers around
  • 24/7 monitoring of your vehicle via Tracker’s secure operating centre
  • European coverage 
  • GPS anti-jamming defence to prevent thieves from blocking the tracker’s signal
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European Coverage

Car tracking with Tracker is available with Full or Partial European coverage, depending on the Tracker product selected.

If your car is stolen with a Monitor or Battery Powered Retrieve product installed, our team is able to track it throughout the UK, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Holland and Luxembourg.

S5 Plus and Locate products offer Full European coverage

How is a car tracker installed?

Nationwide Support From UK Police Forces

Tracker has a strong relationship with the UK police force. Thanks to this, we have supplied over 2000 police vehicles with tracking products, including the National Police Air Service helicopter fleet.

Tracker is the only vehicle tracking company to work with every police force in the UK.

Tracker's police liaison team, including a former senior officer, works daily with the UK police forces ensuring the swift recovery of stolen vehicles.

Installing a Tracker product onto your car means you have nationwide support from every UK police force, considerably improving the chances of recovery.

26,777 Tracker recoveries to date
2,801 arrests from cars fitted with Tracker products
Value of vehicles recovered over £561 million

About Tracker

Tracker is a vehicle security and safety company dedicated to the protection of personal and business assets from potential thieves, for over 25 years. Through the use of a patented VHF technology, Tracker continues to develop new and existing products to keep up with current theft trends in the UK.

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