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Tracker Urges Insurers To Protect Drivers As The Nation Takes Tentative Steps Out Of Lockdown

Following the latest guidance by Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding the gradual easing of lockdown measures across the UK, Tracker is urging insurance providers to utilise self-install telematics devices to help protect young drivers as they make a bid for longed-for freedom and take to the roads once again.

The provision of telematics and usage-based insurance (UBI) will also enable insurers to remain competitive, increase their book of business whilst building customer loyalty and crucially, protect loss ratios.

Ahead of the announcement on easing of lockdown restrictions, SmartDriverClub Insurance[1] reported that following an 82% drop in journeys almost overnight when lockdown came into force, there was a 100% increase in the number of cars on the roads between 23rd March and 27th April. 

Mark Rose, Managing Director of Tracker commented: “People are clearly and understandably frustrated with being in lockdown at home and the use of cars has steadily increased in recent weeks. However, that is already being amplified as people take advantage of some of the toughest restrictions being lifted. Whilst people continue to be asked to work from home if viable, those that need to travel to a place of work are being encouraged by government to avoid public transport and drive their own cars.  This could see road congestion not only increase, but potentially exceed pre-Covid-19 levels.

“Alongside this, it is likely that young adults will be amongst the first to embrace this new-found freedom – even with its remaining limitations. Insurers can support these drivers in taking responsible measures to safeguard them and other road users, whilst also protecting their insurance premiums.”

Shortly after announcing the integration of SmartDriverClub’s (SDC) driver behaviour, risk scoring and data analytics into its end-to-end insurance telematics offerings, Tracker launched a self-install telematics solution. This combines Tracker’s telematics capabilities with the insurance knowledge and experience of SDC to enable insurers to actively promote social responsibility and encourage responsible driving amongst younger policyholders.

Removing the requirement for a device to be fitted professionally means insurance providers are helping young drivers to protect themselves and their vehicles whilst still abiding by social distancing guidelines which remain in place today and are set to continue for the foreseeable future.

Mark Rose concludes: “We work closely with many insurance providers and brokers who are seeing the clear benefits of our tracking and telematics technology, especially in promoting safer driving amongst younger motorists. The launch of our self-install solution has been well received by those insurers proactively adapting to address the changes that challenge the insurance landscape. Working together with insurance providers, we are helping to protect not only young drivers as they return to the roads but also the insurance industry as it navigates these uncertain times.”