Motor Range Partners With Tracker To Add Value And Give Peace Of Mind To Customers Amidst Rising Vehicle Thefts

 Leading North West used car dealer, Motor Range, is offering valuable protection to all customers with the option of having a stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) device from Tracker fitted as a value added extra.
Latest figures published by the RAC Insurance confirm a 56% leap in vehicle thefts over four year [1], and while immobilisers and alarms are great deterrents, and in most cases do prevent thefts, professional thieves are honing their skills as they attempt to crack even the most sophisticated security systems.

Shaun Lane, Sales Director at Motor Range commented: “We have been concerned about the rising car theft figures for some time, and as a result had increased the security measures in our cars and around our forecourts. Even so, thieves still managed to steal a motor, a Mercedes-Benz GLA off our forecourt in Merseyside. Fortunately, as with all our vehicles, we had fitted it with a Tracker device. What particularly impressed us is the speed at which the vehicle was recovered; as soon as we realised the vehicle had gone and the Tracker technology was activated, the vehicle was recovered in less than two hours. Furthermore, an arrest was made from the recovery.”

Clive Wain, Head of Police Liaison for Tracker adds: “With car theft on the rise, it’s more important than ever for vehicle owners to protect their purchase and avoid being an easy target. Opportunistic thieves will look for lapses in security while organised criminal groups are targeting premium vehicles to be shipped abroad, predominantly to Eastern Europe and North Africa.

“Theft is unpleasant at the best of times, and the theft of a car impacts the victim in many ways. As well as the psychological impact and ensuing paperwork, there is often the physical inconvenience of having to find alternative transport. There are also potential financial implications if a car is not recovered such as increased insurance premiums. With a 95% recovery rate, having a Tracker fitted helps keep insurance premiums down and also means the driver doesn’t have to wait for their insurance payout before replacing the vehicle they rely on for work and to earn a living.”

Whilst used car sales have declined year-to-date as a result of the pandemic[2], tentative signs of recovery are emerging as dealers meet the challenges of government’s social distancing rules. Shaun Lane continues: “We are seeing an increase in used car sales over the past few weeks, and having experienced theft ourselves, we are keen to offer our customers the best possible solutions to keeping their vehicle safe. By offering a stolen vehicle recovery solution from Tracker as an add-on to vehicles bought from us, we are providing our customers increased peace of mind and protection against the severe impact a stolen vehicle can bring.”