Unaccompanied But Not Unprotected

Tracker helps dealers to safely supervise solo test drives and protect stock

 With the latest report from What Car? clearly showing consumers still want to ‘try before they buy’, stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) and technology expert, Tracker is giving dealers peace-of-mind they can offer unaccompanied test drives and keep their stock protected at the same time.

The What Car? report found four out of five buyers still want to take test drives, and 70% said they are reassured by retailers’ Covid-19 safety measures. However, whilst social distancing practices are protecting the dealer and public from the pandemic, they are exposing businesses to the very real risk of vehicles being driven off the forecourt, never to be seen again without a single financial transaction taking place.  The reality is that car thefts have risen by a staggering 56% over four years[i], and more than half of stolen cars that do not have a tracking device fitted are never recovered. 

To help dealers mitigate the risk of unaccompanied test drives, Tracker’s range of self-install devices enable dealers to see where vehicles are during the test drive and can alert dealers if they go outside a specified area. Furthermore, in the event they are stolen, the device can help police successfully locate and recover vehicles.

All of Tracker’s self-install solutions can be quickly but discreetly fitted, without any technical knowledge, and be moved between cars or left in the vehicle permanently for 24/7 protection.  To further support dealers in this challenging market, upfront device costs are low, and the subscription is free for the first six months.

Mark Rose, Managing Director of Tracker said: “80% of 8300 in-market buyers polled by What Car? say they would still want a test drive before purchasing. This really underlines the continued significance of that long-crucial part of the buying process, even in these challenging times.

“Since the government announced they could reopen, dealers are going to great lengths to get the industry back on its feet, and ensure all employees and customers are safe from the risk of infection. Right now, they do not need the added stress of worrying they may lose stock through unaccompanied test drives, which is why our self-installed tracking devices come with simple subscription terms and include a free initial six-month subscription to ease the burden.

“As the industry focuses on getting stock and revenue moving again, Tracker is helping dealers to continue to deliver a quality service, but at the same time, provide peace of mind that vehicle theft will not cause further loss of profits.”