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Tracker Brings Secure Supply Chain Visibility Solution To Pan-European Transportation And Logistics Operators

Supply Chain Visibility solution delivers real-time monitoring of high-value, high-risk goods in transit for improved safety, efficiency and compliance

Asset tracking and telematics expert, Tracker Network (U.K.) Ltd, is offering to pan-European transportation and logistics operators a reliable and cost-effective solution for end-to-end cargo tracking of shipments. Developed and implemented by its United States parent company CalAmp (Nasdaq: CAMP) ), a connected intelligence company helping people and organisations improve operational performance with a data-driven solutions ecosystem, the solution will particularly benefit multinational businesses in the pharmaceutical, electronics, biotech, food and consumer goods industries looking to secure high-value, high-risk shipments in transit, while also improving supply chain efficiency and offering essential documentation for regulatory compliance purposes.

Tracker’s Supply Chain Visibility solution is enabled by a portfolio of wireless sensors and other reusable and single-use devices that can be affixed to assets to track and collect critical data, such as temperature, light, shock, vibration and location. The solution enables operators to monitor cargo throughout the shipment journey from a manufacturer through land, sea and air touchpoints to the final destination. Upon arrival, the sensors automatically synchronise with fixed and mobile hubs to support chain of custody documentation and environmental reporting. Sensor data sent through the CalAmp Telematics Cloud can be directly integrated into warehouse, fleet and logistics management systems via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

“The pandemic brought to light many challenges within the global supply chain, from port and border closures to product shortages and COVID-19 vaccine shipments. Manually tracking goods in transit exposes cargo to human error and theft, and limits visibility into environmental damage,” explained Mark Rose, managing director for Tracker. “Sensor- and API-enabled smarter logistics systems like our Supply Chain Visibility solution prove invaluable in reducing freight spoilage, optimising supply chain performance, documenting chain of custody and protecting brand integrity.”

The Tracker Supply Chain Visibility solution provides:

  • Reporting and data analytics: Logging of data to help document chain of custody in compliance with Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA) and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) requirements   
  • Critical alerts and notifications: Immediate web-based and mobile alerts when a shipment exceeds a predetermined temperature range or goes out of the authorised shipping zone, enabling supply chain operators to take corrective action to minimise spoilage and loss
  • Near real-time location tracking: Smart sensors and disposable devices utilise GPS tracking to provide near real-time delivery estimates, current location and progress reports even when cargo is in the hands of a third-party provider
  • Geofencing and route fencing: Alerts notify users if the cargo deviates from the planned route or strays from authorised waypoints
  • Stationary and movement detection: Detection of when a shipment is moving or stalled, which is especially important when navigating high risk areas in route between waypoints
  • API integration: CalAmp integrates with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to facilitate information sharing, collaboration and transparency along the entire supply chain
  • External sharing of critical sensor readings and history: A device’s sensory reading, location and historical data can be shared with other stakeholders including third-party logistics providers (3PLs), private fleet operators, warehouses and distribution centers.

“The need for real-time, end-to-end cargo visibility has never been greater than in today’s complex, just-in-time global supply chain. Manufacturers, logistics operators, consumers and regulators all want to ensure their shipments in transit adhere to strict safety and compliance requirements and will arrive quickly and as expected,” said Jeff Clark, chief product officer, CalAmp. “We’re excited to provide this level of visibility and intelligence to the European market through our Supply Chain Visibility solution. For our customers shipping goods across pan-European regions, these location and environmental insights will strengthen the reliability, security and efficiency of their operations to benefit all stakeholders in the supply chain.”

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