Smarter Logistics: Cargo Visibility, Compliance & Security

Real-Time Cargo and Container Monitoring

Smart device and tag sensors provide a granular view into product location, temperature, humidity, light, shock and movement as it travels through the supply chain. On-demand data and customised alerts help ensure that the shipment remains within regulatory compliance and that supply chain governance is maintained.


Features of Our Smart Device and Tag Sensors

  • Reuse or deploy once with powered and unpowered telematics gateways options
  • Log and transmit key data and events across all modes
  • Monitor location and environmental conditions
  • Mix and match solution options to suit your needs with fast activations
  • Handle rugged conditions with enterprise-grade devices with IP-rated sensors
  • Certified by NIST for their traceable standard calibration

Introductory Offer for the SC1004 Device

Reusable, Compact and Portable Smart Tracking Device for Shipment Visibility and Compliance


The SC1004 device is a battery-operated tracking device engineered for capturing in-transit temperature and location. It is an ideal solution for tracking shipments over the road, in flight and at sea when global coverage is needed to maintain supply chain integrity and regulatory compliance.

Cargo monitoring and tracking from as little as

£0.60* per shipment

(inc. Device, SIM, Airtime & API or Platform)

* cost based on one device used for one shipment per day over 12 months

Key features of the SC1004 device:

The SC1004 device is an ideal solution for global shipping and logistics, cold chains, pharmaceuticals and other sensitive shipments which need to maintain supply chain integrity, security, regulatory compliance (FSMA, FDA, C-TPAT), visibility and distributed asset management.

More information

  • Device is rechargeable and reusable across multiple shipments
  •  Provides real-time and automated visibility of:
    • Location

    • Temperature - Accuracy +/- 0.5C type (-30C to 60C)

    • Light - Threshold on/off

    • Shock - Impact (general shock event)

    • Tilt - 90 degrees

    • Drop - vertical drop above threshold

  •  Condition and location boundary breach alerts
  •  Geofence breach alerts
  •  Multimodal, including air shipments. Device has automated flight safe mode, supported by relevant airline certificates
  •  Compitable with BLE tags
  •  IP67 rated (waterproof)
  • Device dimensions: 3.9” x 3.9” x 0.5” (9.8 x 9.8 x 1.2 cm)

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