Case Studies

£250,000 Worth Of Items Recovered After Theft From A Business In Essex

Tracker helps Essex police recover stolen van, office IT and valuable plant equipment

Audacious thieves broke into a concrete specialist firm in Chelmsford, and loaded up the company’s £30,000 transit van with its office IT equipment, along with thousands of pounds worth of plant equipment.  Unbeknown to the thieves, the van was fitted with a stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) device from Tracker and on activation, the van was located within 24 hours by Essex police also leading to the recovery of IT and plant equipment worth over £200,000.

Adding additional protection to your assets

Clive Wain, Head of Police Liaison for Tracker: “While there is security at the location, it is believed that the burglary was highly calculated, most likely masterminded by an organised criminal gang.  The van was recovered over 30 miles away parked in South Ockendon the day after the theft. The van was empty, but further enquiries revealed various locations which had been used as drop-off points. Search warrants were issued for the areas identified which resulted in uncovering the stashed IT and plant equipment.”

The Managing Director of the company, comments: “As a specialist company providing sprayed concrete and surface preparation, we heavily rely on our plant equipment, as well as our IT equipment to ensure the company runs smoothly. Had the police not recovered the stolen assets, the knock-on effect would have been devasting and would have put the business in serious financial difficulty. We have since invested in additional Tracker units for our equipment and vehicles.”  

Wain, continues, “This was a highly successful joint recovery with Essex police. If the police hadn’t been able to re-trace the van’s journey, then it’s highly likely the stolen equipment would have never been found. Due to the evidence collected against the perpetrators, two people pleaded guilty of the offence and were handed sentences of 4 years and 2.5 years.”

How Tracker technology helps

Tracker’s patented Mesh network contributed significantly to the success of the recoveries.  The Mesh Network takes advantage of other vehicles on the road that are already fitted with a Tracker to relay information about a stolen vehicle that is equipped with the same technology. This brings drivers together to create a UK wide network of ‘listening vehicles’ which can help pinpoint the location of a stolen vehicle.

The impact of theft goes beyond the inconvenience of being without a vehicle or equipment. Whether the victim is a sole trader, small business or larger fleet operator, there is a financial impact such as the cost of replacing tools and other equipment, and a likely increase in insurance premiums.

“The pandemic unfortunately fuelled an increase in crime, and the sheer audacity shown by these criminals demonstrates the lengths they will go to. What is extremely encouraging though, is that thanks to a wise investment by the victim in Tracker’s technology and the evidence collected against the perpetrators by the police, two people are now serving prison sentences,” concludes Wain.