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Vehicle trackers by Tracker have a great range of benefits, including stolen vehicle tracking and recovery in the awful event that your asset is stolen. They also feature vehicle movement alerts, virtual geofencing security perimeters, motion detection e.g. towing and can even reduce your vehicle insurance costs. Tracker has an average vehicle recovery rate of 95%, meaning vehicle theft doesn’t have to completely disrupt your business.


Tracker recovery rate


Average value of vehicles recovered each month


Majority recovered within 24hrs of activation

Why Tracker Is The Only Solution For Your Bussines

Additional costs of vehicle theft to a business:

  • Tool Replacement - If your van is driven off with all your tools on board you will face a major bill. The average collection of manual and power tools in a trade vehicle can be worth thousands. Even if insured, it can take weeks to source and order replacements.

  • Rising insurance costs - if your van is stolen, your insurance premiums rise, making it more expensive to run your van or fleet.

  • Administration costs - dealing with the fallout of having your van stolen. Sourcing replacement tools, hiring temporary vehicles, reporting theft to the police, organising road tax refunds, taxing and insuring a replacement vehicle.

  • Loss of business - when a van is stolen, it hits your productivity hard, you may find yourself unable to serve customers and that can damage your reputation and impact future business.

Modern Theft Techniques

Modern criminals employ a range of techniques and technologies to improve their chances of stealing your vehicle. They only need a few minutes to break in and drive away.

Standard security measures are now not enough to prevent an attack. A recent theft trend is keyless car theft, otherwise known as a ‘Relay Attack’, and can be completed in less than 60 seconds.

Other forms of modern car theft include signal jamming, which affects GPS only tracking devices. Criminals use modern devices to jam the tracking signal from the tracking device, stopping an alert being sent out during the theft. 

If the stolen vehicle is hidden underground or in a shipping container, the signal from a GPS only device will not be picked up.

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Video Issued By West Midlands Police Shows How Easy It Is For Thieves To Steal A Vehicle Using A Method Called 'Relay Attack'

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Tracker Product Benefits

Digital Very High Frequency (VHF) Tracking
Digital Very High Frequency (VHF) Tracking

Milatary-grade patented technology that allows police to locate a vehicle even when concealed in metal containers or underground car parks.

Nationwide support from all UK police forces
Nationwide support from all UK police forces

Only Tracking company in the UK to have a formal agreement with the UK police force

Unique VHF technology
Unique VHF technology

Unlike GPS only tracking products, our unique Very High Frequency (VHF) technology is not affected by criminals' GPS/GSM signal jammers.

Tracker's 24hr Secure Operating Centre
Tracker's 24hr Secure Operating Centre

Tracker's Secure Operating Centre is operational 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

All products accredited by Thatcham
All products accredited by Thatcham

All Tracker products are Thatcham accredited to S7 or Insurance required S5 categories

European Coverage
European Coverage

Depending on the product, Tracker provides Full or Partial Europen cover.

Protect your assets with Tracker

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