Frequently Asked Questions - Tracker Touch App

Tracker Touch App - Your Questions Answered

  • In the unfortunate event of theft, you can call Tracker directly from your Tracker Touch app to report the theft.

    Please ensure you follow these steps when reporting a theft:

    1. Immediately report the theft to the police
    2. Obtain a Crime Reference Number
    3. Call Tracker to
    report the theft from your app or call 0800 911900


  • No, If you have multiple vehicles registered in your app, Geofences will need to be created for each vehicle separately.

  • No, once you have downloaded the Tracker Touch app onto your new phone, you can log in using your existing credentials.

  • All app settings should remain the same. You will however need to re-upload any images you may have uploaded to the app previously.

  • You can use Safe Mode to quickly activate an Alert Service for your vehicle. If your vehicle is moved while the Alert is set to 'Active' you will be notified. You can use the Safe Mode toggle to activate or deactivate the Alert for your selected vehicle within the 'Vehicles' tab.

  • Safe Mode should only be set to active when the vehicle is stationary as regular alerts will be generated when the vehicle is being driven.

    Safe Mode gives you extra peace of mind by allowing you to quickly activate an Alert service for your vehicle should it move from where it is parked. 

    Please note: Your vehicle will always be protected by our VHF technology in the unfortunate event of a theft. The status of Safe Mode will not affect this. 

  • Yes, you can edit or add up to 4 emergency contacts directly from your Tracker Touch app. You can also select which contact is set as your 'Primary Contact' from the list; this can be updated at any time.

  • The Find my Vehicle compass is dependent on the calibration of your phone, the GPS of the Tracker device in your vehicle and the GPS of your phone which can both be affected by numerous interferences, as per any GPS position. We advise that the compass should only be used as a guide. 

    Please note: Your vehicle will always be protected by our precise VHF technology in the unfortunate event of a theft. VHF technology is not affected by common interferences that GPS signal incurs, such as GPS drift. 

  • You may receive the no data shown message if either you do not have a data connection or we currently don’t hold information about crime in the position selected. We are continually updating this data and use a combination of both our own and police data to determine the safety of a particular area.

  • The battery voltage shown within the app is an average taken over a calendar month. 

  • If you are experiencing issues when removing a Touch geofence, please try the following:

    1. Open the geofence for edit
    2. Change the radius 
    3. Save the geofence 
    4. Edit and remove the geofence.

  • Geofences are only associated to a specific vehicle and will not be automatically associated to other vehicles in the app. You will need to set your geofences for each registered vehicles within the app. 

  • We recommend that the customer does not log off and that the app remains running in the background.

  • The app can download on each device and the same user credentials can be used to access the app 

  • No. You are able to login with your existing user credentials. 

  • Other than the vehicle image, which is locally stored on the device, all other settings remain the same.

  • When signing in if you are using autocomplete for your email address please double-check that there isn't a space at the end, this will not work if there is a space