How To Increase Car Security In Winter - Beware Frost Jacking!

The dangers of Engine Idling , Keyless Car Theft and where you are parking your vehicle

Motorists can no longer afford to be complacent about their car security. Figures published by the government shows that UK crime rates for vehicle theft are on the rise in England and Wales.  Increasing by 52% in the last six years[1]. Despite the rising risk of theft, 47% of motorists admit to leaving their car running unattended on frosty mornings to warm it up.  

Car theft techniques are evolving rapidly, and as technology and car security advances, so do the efforts of criminals who have their eyes on your vehicle. A firm favourite technique for car thieves is ‘frost-jacking’, which many motorists make too easy. 

Frost-jacking is when your vehicle is stolen in the minutes you turn your engine on to defrost or warm up your car, and the car is left unattended. Your car could be frost-jacked when you are getting ready for work, popping into a shop or dropping the kids into school, with or without keys or a car fob. Whenever you leave your car engine on, unattended, you are inviting criminals to take your car from you.


Locking your car is not enough to keep it safe 

In 2019, 92% of cars that were stolen and recovered by Tracker from homes across the UK were stolen without their keys.

Many of these were stolen via relay attack, which is when a small groups of criminal use relay-style devices to trick the signal from your car to your keys. This makes your car think your keys are within range, unlocking your car, starting your engine and driving away with your precious motor. 

When a keyless car is running, key fobs are not a factor because keyless cars don’t even need the keys in the car to run if the engine is already on. So all a thief has to do is use a relay device to unlock your car and drive off with your property.

Cars that do not have keyless entry, like classic cars,  are at even higher risk due to the fact that to leave the engine to warm up unattended means to leave the keys in the car. Classic cars are often left running idle, unattended, due to their old engines that owners like to warm up before a drive. 

To ensure security for your classic car, read on to learn Tracker™’s car security tips for winter, or consider getting a vehicle tracker to ensure you get your precious car back in the event of theft.


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