Case Studies

Tracker Recovers £98k Range Rover In Shipping Container

Essex police instrumental in recovery of £200k+ haul from Stanford-le-hope

A Range Rover Sport worth just under £100k was recovered by stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert, Tracker Network (UK) Ltd, at a shipping container depot in Stanford-le-hope. The vehicle was reported stolen from Waltham Cross in Hertfordshire and Essex Police recovered it in under 17 hours. Two other Range Rover Sports were also recovered from the site in Essex crammed into the same shipping container, with a total estimated value of £200k+.

Clive Wain, Head of Police Liaison for Tracker comments, “High-end Land Rover and Range Rover cars account for 44% of all stolen vehicles recovered in 2021, clearly demonstrating these prestige vehicles are being targeted by criminal gangs. The impact of Covid, car parts shortage and availability of new and used cars has only exacerbated the issue in recent months. It is therefore not surprising to see that these cars were found at a shipping container depot, as there is a clear demand for these models in territories like Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia.

“The fact that the Range Rover was hidden in a metal haulage container demonstrates the effectiveness of our VHF technology capability. If the tracking unit just had GPS capability, then the tracking device would not have been able to continue to provide a signal from within the container, therefore stopping any external tracking communication. Thankfully that wasn’t the case here, our unique technology and formal collaboration with the police meant the car was recovered swiftly. In recent years, Tracker along with the police have intercepted and recovered thousands of vehicles at UK ports destined to be shipped to foreign shores.”

Tracker is the only SVR provider offering vehicle tracking systems that are supported nationwide by UK police forces. Its detection units are fitted in over 2000 police patrol vehicles and throughout the national fleet of Police helicopters that comprise the National Police Air Service (NPAS). It is also the only vehicle tracking company that uses the combination of VHF with GPS/GSM technology.



  • Protect the key fob  - One element of Keyless car theft works through a relay-style electronic device, which tricks the keyless entry technology installed in the vehicle into thinking that the key is in very close proximity to the car, allowing instant remote access. To prevent a relay attack, all keys, including your spare key should be stored away from where the vehicle is kept when not in use, and the signal blocked by keeping the key fob in a closed tin or faraday bag.
  • Switch off and lock up  - Cars should not be left running idle and unattended, even when defrosting windscreens and windows on a cold morning.
  • Make life difficult  - Security posts and/or a substantial gate should be fitted for cars parked on driveways, as physical barriers will make thieves think twice.
  • Keep paperwork indoors  - Car documents and spare keys should not be left inside the car as it makes it easier for thieves to sell it on.
  • Plan for the worst  - Take car security measures to protect your car from being stolen in the first place, such as installing security lighting where you park your car and using a steering wheel lock.
  • Track it  - In the event that the criminals get past the usual security measures, a Tracker device – with a unique combination of GPS and Very High Frequency (VHF) capability – gives owners the best chance of their car being found before it is stripped for parts or shipped abroad.