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Tracker Launches CalAmp’s iOn™ Fleet Management Software to Accelerate the Speed of Smart Decision Making for Fleets Across the U.K.

Helping You Manage Your Fleet

  • Fleet management experience streamlines real-time fleet, asset and workforce efficiency
  • Delivers business-critical insights to increase fleet efficiency, cost savings and safety


Tracker Network (UK) Limited, has launched CalAmp’s iOn™ fleet and asset management software in the UK. This latest international deployment of CalAmp’s iOn software will enable commercial fleet operators in the U.K. to not only track driver behaviour and vehicle usage, but also manage portable assets through a single, easy-to-use platform. By providing a fully integrated view of a mixed fleet of vehicles, drivers and associated assets, it will drive greater workforce productivity and enhance operational efficiency.


What is CalAmp iOn™?

Developed and successfully implemented across the United States by Tracker’s parent company CalAmp (Nasdaq: CAMP) - a connected intelligence company helping businesses track, monitor and recover vital assets – the iOn software provides access to a user-friendly tracking tool that will not only improve workflow, but also deliver business-critical data to drive value to fleet operators. Its intuitive user interface (UI) provides the right insights, to the right staff, at the right time, empowering managers of commercial, transport & logistics, rental and construction fleets to make more relevant and informed business decisions in real time. Find out how CalAmp iOn™ can benefit your business today.


Key benefits:

  • Workflow Efficiency – with intuitive dashboards, map layering and asset breadcrumb trails that provide a holistic view of an entire fleet and drivers allowing operators to proactively manage operations from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone
  • Safety – with on-demand access to dashboards, reports and alerts offering in-the-moment intervention to address critical issues like vehicle failures, dangerous driving behaviour and collisions
  • Cost Savings – by identifying engine idling to reduce fuel costs; reducing costly repairs by using the maintenance manager; using geofences around offices to automate time and attendance
  • Visibility – of all vital assets, road conditions, weather, traffic and more to enable smoother, more efficient and safer operational workflows
  • A Rolling Programme of Innovation - additional benefits to be launched in the U.K. in the coming months include Bluetooth-enabled iOn Tags™, a smart proximity sensor that can be affixed to assets of any size. If tools or other valuable assets are left behind, the system will identify the last known location and alert operation managers and drivers to assist in a quick recovery. The iOn Vision™ video intelligence solution will also be launched, providing contextual insights into driver performance to improve fleet safety.


Commitment to Fleet Telematics

Mark Rose, managing director for Tracker commented, “The launch of CalAmp’s iOn™ software here in the UK sees Tracker confirming its commitment to the fleet telematics marketplace, delivering tried and tested solutions that have been successfully embraced by commercial and small to medium-sized fleet customers of our parent company in the US.”

“CalAmp spoke to dozens of world-class fleet and logistics teams and conducted thorough market analysis to determine how fleet managers need to optimise their assets, and one pain-point emerged: it takes too many clicks, and it is too hard to find the data needed to make real-time decisions that improve the bottom line.   iOn was developed to overcome these hurdles,” Rose added. “This is a very exciting time for Tracker, with the coming months set to see the roll-out of further innovation from the range of iOn services.  It also marks a significant step forward for those businesses operating fleets across the UK, who are seeking user-friendly, data-rich solutions to increase driver efficiency and reduce fleet downtime.”

“A common need exists among fleet managers and operators the world over: they need to know exactly where their fleet and critical assets are and how they’re performing to make informed operational decisions. But data accessibility and visibility remain a challenge,” said Jeff Clark, senior vice president of product management and UX design at CalAmp. “We designed iOn to empower managers and operators with a holistic, intuitive view of their fleet, assets and drivers by delivering connected intelligence to support real-time decisions that optimise fleet efficiency and safety. Having launched iOn first in the United States, then Italy and now the U.K., CalAmp is poised to help our customers, businesses and local economies work smarter across our global footprint as we expand internationally.”