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Superbike Factory Teams Up With Tracker To Offer Market-Leading Stolen Vehicle Recovery Solution

Protect motorcycles now against thefts during winter month

Darker winter nights brings an increased vulnerability of motorbikes being stolen according to data from stolen vehicle recovery expert, Tracker Network UK Limited. Figures reveal that winter months are the most lucrative for thieves with theft activity peaking in February for the past two years. For added theft protection SuperBike Factory, Europe's largest used motorbike retailer, has partnered with Tracker to offer its customers the latest in antitheft tracking solutions.

Customers who buy their bike at a SuperBike Factory showroom or online can now purchase a Tracker Vantage unit, an integrated GPS stolen vehicle recovery solution which offers a range of other benefits such as a Bike Down safety feature and European coverage. Buyers also benefit from a 3-month free subscription.

Supported by Tracker Touch, a free interactive app, Tracker Vantage subscribers have access to a long list of impressive benefits, over and above Thatcham accredited security. This includes locating a bike when the owner forgets where they parked it, providing localised crime statistics, keeping a journey log and even offers battery health status capabilities.    

As well as protecting motorcycles in the event of theft, Tracker Vantage also includes a ‘Bike Down’ feature which cleverly detects when an individual’s motorcycle is down, in the event of an accident, and automatically notifies the person’s chosen emergency contact.

Clive Wain continued, “Every year Tracker recovers nearly half a million pounds worth of stolen motorcycles, which is why we are delighted to partner with SuperBike Factory and provide their customers with all the benefits Tracker Vantage brings. Whilst physical deterrents such as chains, locks and immobilisers, or storing the bike in a garage, will go some way to protecting against theft, determined criminals will not be put off. Tracker is the only vehicle tracking system operated by all police forces in the UK, offering bike owners the ultimate in security. A few simple security measures and having a Tracker device installed could be the difference between being reunited with your bike or it being sold on or stripped for parts.”


Tracker’s Top Tips for Secure Winter Motorcycle Storage: 

  • Garage - If you have a garage, use it, or consider renting one nearby. Make sure the garage door is properly secure and store the keys safely and out of sight. Consider installing a ground anchor inside the garage and be sure to lock the bike to it every time.
  • Alarms and Immobilisers - A quality Thatcham approved, professionally fitted alarm system will not only deter a thief, but could also reduce insurance premiums. It’s crucial to get it fitted by a factory trained technician as modern bikes are sensitive to poorly fitted alarms. 
  • Mark Your Motorcycle - Using a simple UV pen, mark parts of the motorcycle with the VIN (vehicle identification number), vehicle registration and postcode. Alternatively invest in an identification system. 
  • Remove Equipment - As an added guard, remove the spark plug or HT cap for the winter season.
  • Motorbike Locks - Always secure chain locks or cable locks to an immovable object, such as a lamp post.  Always try to thread the chain or cable through the bike frame.    
  • Use Public Secure Parking - Most cities will have a secure parking area for motorcycles with fixed security hoops for locking chains. 
  • Use Different Parking Spots - Try to vary the places you park - sophisticated thieves will study parking habits and routines before making a theft. 
  • Be Seen! Always park the bike where it can be seen, day or night, by passers-by. 
  • #protectwhatmatters - Invest in a stolen vehicle recovery system and be sure to choose one that is used by all UK police forces.  It could also reduce insurance premiums.