Case Studies

Professional thieves steal Silence electric scooter with a getaway van but don’t get away with it

Birmingham Police and Tracker relationship instrumental in speedy 37-minute recovery

As the rise in electric scooter thefts continues across the country, another victim fell foul when his Silence S01 Urban electric scooter worth £10k was stolen in broad daylight in central Birmingham. The scooter was brazenly lifted into the back of a van and whisked away in seconds. However, because the scooter was fitted with a stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) unit from Tracker Network UK Ltd which boasts a motion sensor to detect unauthorised movement, the owner was alerted straight away. This enabled him to immediately report it to both the police and Tracker, which resulted in its recovery in just 37 minutes.

Robert Nuckley, owner of the scooter comments, “I live in central Birmingham and my scooter is typically parked in a residential bay just up the road from my house. Not only does it have a Tracker unit fitted, but also a disc lock and a thick security chain. These visible deterrents clearly didn’t provide much in the way of protection because the criminals simply picked the bike up and put it in the back of the van. However, the Tracker unit saved the day, enabling the police to reunite me with my scooter in less than an hour. If it hadn’t been for Tracker’s relationship with the police and its unique tracking technology used by them, I don’t think I would have ever seen my scooter again.”

On retrieval of the stolen electric scooter, police officers attending the scene soon realised that there were several vehicles parked along the road that had also been reported as stolen. Clive Wain, Head of Police Liaison at Tracker adds, “It quickly became clear that Robert Nuckley’s scooter had been taken using a stolen van. This is a blatant case of organised crime. The thieves knew what they were after and went on a shopping spree. They were experienced enough to park the stolen vehicles together and keep watch to see if they would be located by the police, a common measure employed by professional thieves to guard against being caught. Thanks to our unique technology, they didn’t get away with it this time. Had these vehicles not been recovered when they were, they would have most likely been put on shipping containers to be sold abroad.”

“Whilst a Tracker unit itself is unlikely to prevent your vehicle being stolen, our exclusive relationship with the UK’s police forces will ensure its chances of being found quickly and returned are incredibly strong,” concludes Clive Wain.

Tracker’s stolen vehicle recovery solutions work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden in one of several dozen places around the vehicle. There is no visible aerial, so the thief won’t know it’s there. Tracker offers standard GPS motorbike trackers. The Tracker Touch app gives motorcycle owners 24/7 visibility of their vehicle's location, as well as added security features such as alerts if the bike breaches pre-determined Geofence Areas, local crime ratings, instant 'Call Tracker' theft reporting and a convenient ‘Find my Vehicle’ feature.

Crucially Tracker is the only SVR provider supported nationwide by U.K. police forces who track, locate and recovery stolen assets using Tracker’s unique technology. More than 2,000 police patrol vehicles and all police helicopters are fitted with Tracker detection units, which has led to the Police successfully recovering stolen vehicles fitted with a Tracker.


Tracker’s Top Tips for Motorcycle Security:

  • Motorcycle Locks - Always secure chain locks of cable locks to an immovable object, such as a lamp post.  Always try to thread the chain or cable through the bike frame.   
  • Motorcycle Alarms and Immobilisers - A quality Thatcham approved, professionally fitted alarm system will not only deter a thief but could also reduce insurance premiums. It’s crucial to get it fitted by a factory trained technician as modern bikes are sensitive to poorly fitted alarms.
  • Mark Your Motorcycle - Using a simple UV pen, mark parts of the motorcycle with the VIN (vehicle identification number), vehicle registration and postcode. Alternatively invest in an identification system such as Datatag.
  • Remove Equipment - As an added guard, remove the spark plug or HT cap.
  • Pro! - Always park the bike where it can be seen, day or night, by passers-by.
  • Use Different Parking Spots - Try to vary the places you park - sophisticated thieves will study parking habits and routines before making a theft.
  • Use Public Secure Parking - Most cities will have a secure parking area for motorcycles with fixed security hoops for locking chains to - use them.
  • Garage - If you have a garage, use it.  Always put the bike away immediately and make sure the garage is properly secure.  Consider putting in a ground anchor in the garage to lock the bike to.
  • If You Love it, Track It - Invest in a stolen vehicle recovery system and be sure to chose one that is used by all UK police forces.  You could also reduce insurance premiums.