Oxford Makes Life On Bikes Secure With Tracker's Hi-Tech Tracking Solution

 Oxford Products, a leading global supplier of motorcycle and bicycle aftermarket products, has signed an exclusive partnership with stolen vehicle recovery expert, Tracker. This latest collaboration sees Oxford distribute Tracker’s market leading Tracker Vantage through its network of approved motorcycle dealers. In addition to protecting motorcycles in the event of theft, Oxford is providing valuable accident and emergency support through the Tracker Vantage ‘bike down’ feature.

As a global motorcycle accessory brand, Oxford distributes its products through approximately 100 partners worldwide. It is also the UK’s largest distributor of motorcycle helmets, clothing and accessories, selling to over 1,200 quality dealers, with exclusive UK distribution of several market leading brands – all sharing a common goal to make life better on bikes.

Tracker Vantage is a competitively priced motorcycle tracking and security solution boasting unique integrated GPS technology.  ‘Bike down’ is a key safety feature that detects when an individual’s motorcycle is down, in the event of an accident, and automatically notifies the person’s chosen emergency contact. Tracker Vantage also includes access to a 24/7 operating centre and provides vehicle battery disconnect alerts.

The Tracker Touch app available with Tracker Vantage, provides the owner with a live view of the location of their motorcycle in a matter of seconds. Motorcycle owners can also set a Geofence around their vehicle so that the app can alert them if the bike is moved outside that perimeter. Crucially, the app also includes a system health check, which shows the current health of a user’s Tracker Vantage system, so they know it’s performing at its very best.

Oxford’s MD Andrew Hammond comments, “Oxford is renowned for selling the best products available on the market. We partner with businesses that share our vision and Tracker’s reputation as the leading stolen vehicle recovery specialist in the market makes it an ideal partner for us. Tracker’s unique partnership with UK police forces means that Tracker Vantage offers motorcycle dealers, and their customers, the ultimate peace of mind they need to protect their assets. Our nationwide sales team is already working with our dealers to get them on board as exclusive sellers of Tracker Vantage, which helps them deliver a premium service to their customers.”

Greig Hilton Managing Director of Tracker adds, “Oxford is a trusted global brand in the motorcycle market and we are thrilled to be aligned to its business and customer care ethos. This partnership secures Tracker’s position within the bike sector, with Tracker Vantage now only available through Oxford. We are looking forward to working closely with Oxford to ensure its dealers and their customers understand the benefits of Tracker Vantage in protecting motorcycles and their owners, whilst closing the net on thieves.”