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Keep Caravans & Motorhomes Safe This Winter Even If Under Lock And Key

Tracker reminds owners to keep thieves at bay with robust security measures

As we near the shortest day of the year, Tracker is reminding caravan and motorhome owners to keep security front of mind to protect their pride and joy. Last year Tracker recovered over £1 million worth of stolen caravans and motorhomes, with December and January proving lucrative months for thieves, with a total recovery value of nearly £200,000.

Clive Wain, Head of Police Liaison at Tracker commented: “As owners face a prolonged storage period for their caravan over winter, we have seen an increased risk of theft by organised crime syndicates, particularly gangs who steal leisure vehicles to order, to meet demand for a lucrative market both here in the UK and across Europe.

“Whether you’re going to store your caravan in a secure storage facility or on your driveway, there are a number of things you can do, especially to deter those thieves who are looking for soft targets and low-risk opportunities. Lock doors and windows, close and lock driveway gates if you have them, fit a security light if possible, and activate your alarm system. Many companies offer secure caravan storage facilities which not only includes fitting a tracking device but ensuring that subscriptions for existing Trackers are up to date.”

Tracker is the only SVR provider offering vehicle tracking systems that are supported nationwide by UK police forces. Tracker’s SVR solutions work like an electronic homing device with a covert transmitter hidden in one of several dozen places around the vehicle. There is no visible aerial, so the thief will not know it’s there.   

Tracker’s Caravan Security Tips

For immediate peace of mind:

  • Fit security posts or a substantial gate if parking the caravan on your drive.
  • Security mark the caravan if it is not already done.
  • Mark valuables and interior fitments inside the caravan with your postcode using an etching tool or engraver.
  • Fit physical deterrents such as hitch locks, wheel clamps and deadlocks on doors to make it difficult for thieves.
  • Remove all valuables from the caravan.
  • Do not leave registration documents in the caravan as they can help thieves sell it on.
  • Always close and lock doors and windows when you leave your caravan, even if it’s just for a short time.
  • When planning for the next storage season, choose a site with good security rather than just a good price.
  • Fit a Tracker device to increase the chance of recovery in the event of theft.

Reminders for the summer ahead:

  • Consider fitting a time switch if you’re out after dark, as lights on will make it look occupied and deter opportunist thieves.
  • At a time when many are valuing their neighbours and community, get to know your neighbours on the caravan site this summer and look out for each other’s vehicles.
  • Don’t be afraid to report suspicious activity.