Infinity Motorcycles Offers Customers Market-Leading Tracker Protection

Partnership with Tracker delivers added peace of mind as lockdown eases

Infinity Motorcycles is giving customers added peace of mind through its new partnership with Tracker, the stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert that recovers nearly half a million pounds worth of stolen motorcycles ever year. The new partnership will see all new bikes purchased at a store or online come with the added benefit of Tracker Vantage, an integrated GPS security solution which offers a range of other benefits such as a Bike Down safety feature and European coverage.

Although lockdown measures in Spring of 2020 saw an overall reduction in general crime figures, Tracker saw vehicle theft quickly return to pre-lockdown levels once restrictions were lifted. In July 2020, stolen recovery figures were up 50% compared to April and May of the same year.

How our partnership will help

Infinity Motorcycles Assistant Manager, Laura, experienced first-hand how devastating a motorcycle theft can be when her Yamaha MT07 was stolen whilst she was working. Unfortunately, Laura didn’t have a tracking device fitted but called upon the power of social media to help her get her bike back.

“I parked my bike outside where I work one morning, as I always do, and was blissfully unaware my bike had been stolen until one of my followers on Instagram sent me a post showing the bike as being advertised for a quick cash sale,” explained Laura. “I was stunned and quickly used my social media platform to share the fact that my bike had been stolen and urged people to look out for it. It took over 24 hours but through my followers spreading the message, my bike was found and eventually returned to me.

“It was such a stressful time, and it was only because I am lucky enough to have such a strong social media following that I was able to be reunited with my Yamaha MT07. If I had had a Tracker fitted to the bike, then it would have saved me a lot of stress and worry as I would have had the confidence that it would be located and returned in record speed. I definitely won’t make this mistake again.”

While physical security measures, such as chaining bikes to the pavement or keeping it in a garage are good deterrents, it’s not always possible or convenient for the rider to do so. Not only does Tracker offer a greater chance of a motorcycle being recovered if it is stolen, but it also offers a range of security alerts and instant theft reporting capabilities. For example, if a bike is moved without the ignition turned on, an alert is generated, notifying owners of a possible theft. If the battery is disconnected, this could indicate attempted theft and an alert will be generated automatically.

The 2020 Police National Computer data reveals London remains a favourite for bike theft, with the Metropolitan Police Force reporting a staggering 66% of all stolen motorcycles and 49% of all stolen scooters recorded in 2020.

Tom Evans, Web & Video at Infinity Motorcycles comments, “This partnership will benefit all of our customers, but particularly those living in London; with statistics showing London is a hotspot for bike theft, many of our customers living there expressed difficulty in finding an insurer to cover their bike, until they turned to us. As well as priding ourselves on exceptional customer service and providing professional advice, we work hard to ensure we offer our customers the best products and services available on the market. Working with Tracker is a very important step for us to help owners keep their much-loved motorcycles protected.”

Clive Wain, Head of Police Liaison for Tracker added, “We are absolutely delighted to partner with Infinity Motorcycles and to give more bike owners the benefit of our solutions to help keep their vehicles safe. Having had months of lockdown, many motorbike owners are keen to get back out on the road again, particularly as the weather is improving. But so too are the thieves, and motorbike owners cannot afford to be complacent about the security of their bike. Whilst in Laura’s case she had the benefit of a 5,000 strong Instagram following to come to the rescue, not everyone can claim the same.  A tracking device is the best way of giving a stolen bike the strongest possible chance at being located.”

About Tracker Vantage

Supported by Tracker Touch, a free interactive app, Tracker Vantage subscribers have access to a long list of impressive benefits, over and above Thatcham accredited security. This includes a ‘bike down’ feature which cleverly detects when an individual’s motorcycle is down, in the event of an accident, and automatically notifies the person’s chosen emergency contact.  It can also locate a bike when the owner forgets where they parked it, provide localised crime statistics, keep a journey log and even offers battery health status capabilities.