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Don’t Let The Classic Car Dream Become A Nightmare

Tracker urges buyers and owners to protect their investment both on the road and at home

Owning, restoring and driving a classic car is a common dream for many people, but it requires significant investment in both time and money. However, such desirable, high-value vehicles are inevitably also a common target for professional thieves who are looking to meet demand for vintage cars across the UK and Europe.  Tracker Network (UK) Ltd, the stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert, is offering security tips to help classic car owners protect their vehicle at home and on the road.

Clive Wain, Head of Police Liaison at Tracker, comments, “Classic cars will always have an appeal for those individuals looking for the thrill of owning, restoring and driving a timeless machine. The classic car industry has boomed since the Covid-19 pandemic hit with collectors having more time on their hands to get stuck into vehicle projects. This means the demand for older models and parts has soared, and experts predict that classics that cost less than £10,000 today but are projected to rise in value faster than the average savings account.[i] Unfortunately, this makes them an even hotter target for thieves.

“Whilst many vintage, classic and veteran cars bring a unique feeling of nostalgia that no new vehicle can match, this also means they forego important modern security features which make them an easy target for thieves. Many classic cars are not for everyday use and kept in storage for much of the time, this leaves them vulnerable to thieves who take the opportunity to steal them, sometimes without even using the key, as they can be easily broken in to and hotwired or towed away. And since many modern classics lack the sophisticated identification markings of newer vehicles, vehicle identities are much easier to alter, thus making them harder to trace.

“Despite this, many owners who have lovingly restored their pride and joy, fail to protect them with a tracking device, significantly reducing the chances of being reunited with the car in the event of it being stolen. For a small investment, a tracking device significantly increases the chances of a classic car being found and returned to its rightful owner. Simple precautions can be taken to protect these vehicles, starting with our top security tips to stop thieves in their tracks.”

Tracker’s Classic Car Security Tips

  • Park in busy or well-lit and attended car parks near CCTV cameras
  • Never leave the keys in the car or garage
  • Ensure the doors are locked, the sunroof and windows are closed
  • Don’t leave valuables such as phones and bags in view, but if you have no choice, leave them out of sight in the locked boot
  • If you have a garage use it, if not park a modern car in front of the classic car on the drive, as it is harder to steal
  • Invest in an immobiliser and Tracker device for added protection and to reduce insurance premiums
  • A car alarm is essential as classics are easier to break into
  • At home, don’t keep keys in a place where they can be seen or accessed from outside