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Could COVID-19 Increase Organised Crime in 2020?

We’re all aware of the current situation involving the COVID-19 pandemic and those that can are doing their bit to stay indoors, support their communities and just try to get through it. Our valiant keyworkers are on the frontlines protecting life as we know it and we couldn’t be more grateful.

With more households working out of their homes, whether at a desk or as caregivers, or just on lockdown, some areas of the UK have seen a drop in recorded crime by as much as 20%[1]. 

Some forms of crime are likely to reduce in numbers, such as shoplifting and being drunk and disorderly. However, it has been reported that some crimes may, unfortunately, see an increase, such as household and internet crimes such as fraud. 

With more people at home, criminals will find it harder to move undetected. Neighbourhood Watch groups will be more vigilant than ever before and criminals will no doubt be wary of approaching houses and other assets. 

However, with the shutting down of automotive manufacturer supply chains, the replacement car parts market will slow down, resulting in higher demand for particular cars and parts. Criminals will take bigger risks as their rewards will undoubtedly be greater from off-shore and domestic buyers.

Police across the country are already fighting an increase in ‘chop shops’ – where stolen vehicles are stripped down and expensive parts sold on – but the lack of legitimate parts could increase their popularity and profitability still further.

Is my car at risk of theft?

Premium, new and collectable vehicles are the most frequently stolen for their parts, but no car is immune. Indeed, Tracker recently recovered a VW Polo valued at less than £600. 

Neil Thomas, Director of Investigative Services at AX Innovation has stated that cars stolen by chop shop criminals are often left for up to four days after they are stolen to check that the vehicle does not have a vehicle tracking device[2]. After that, it will be taken to an illegal garage where its identity is changed, and its high-value parts are removed for re-sale.

Taking the precaution to protect your car before thieves get their hands on it could mean all the difference between getting your car returned to you unharmed or seeing it in pieces as police evidence.

The benefit of a Vehicle Tracker

In the awful event that your car is stolen, having the best quality tracker will help you to get your pride and joy back on your drive asap. 

Tracker has a range of stolen vehicle recovery units depending on vehicle type and your needs. We are the only stolen vehicle recovery specialists in the UK to use VHF (very-high-frequency) technology, which is superior to GPS and means that we can detect your vehicle even if it’s in a container or underground.

Tracker also has a unique relationship with the UK Police, with Tracker units fitted in over 2000 police cars in the UK, meaning that with Tracker your vehicle theft would be responded to quicker than with any other tracker system.


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