Police Tracking Partnership

Tracker and the Police working together to protect your vehicle

Imagine the scenario, you wake up one morning to find your car, motorbike, caravan, or motorhome has disappeared. All signs point to vehicle theft. What better way to put your mind at ease than to have a tracking device installed, which can be located by every police force in the UK.

Tracker's VHF Technology

All Tracker products utilise VHF, our patented tracking technology. When a vehicle is stolen the Tracker device emits a unique Very High Frequency signal. This can be picked by the police using the Tracker technology installed in their vehicles to help track stolen vehicles. It is chosen above GPS/GSM tracking systems because of its signal jamming resistance, a trend that is growing among vehicle theft cases.

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The Perfect Crime Fighting Partnership

Tracker has a close working relationship with every police force in the UK. Our dedicated police liaison team work closely with the police every day to help ensure the effective recovery of stolen vehicles

Our VHF technology is currently used in over 2000 police vehicles, including cars, vans, and the national fleet of police helicopters that comprise the National Police Air Service (NPAS). It was developed to help locate vehicles anywhere in the UK, even underground.

Tracker also works closely with the Port Police at all major UK seaports. Vehicles which are stolen to order are usually transported out of the country in shipping containers. Standard GPS technology is unable to penetrate metal, whereas Tracker's VHF technology can pinpoint a vehicle even if it is hidden in a metal container.

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