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TRACKER helps Humberside police recover stolen quad bike

Date: 07 July 2014

Police in Humberside have successfully recovered a Honda TRX420 quad bike worth approximately £6,000 resulting in two arrests and the thieves appearing in court the very next day, thanks to support from TRACKER, the UK’s leading Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) provider. The quad Bike belonged to Manna Park Farms in South Reston, and was stolen at 6.20 in the morning.
Luckily, the valuable piece of farming equipment had a TRACKER fitted and after it was loaded onto the back of a van by the thieves to make good on their escape, Humberside police picked up the TRACKER’s signal at 8am on the M180 at Barnetby. What followed was a lengthy pursuit lasting two hours that led police over several county borders. Eventually the van carrying the quad bike was found abandoned on a hard shoulder and the two thieves fled. They were apprehended and appeared before court charged with the theft the very next day. The quad bike was returned to its grateful owners soon after it had been recovered.
Helen Benson, of Manna Park Farms said, “We are absolutely delighted to have our quad bike back safe and sound on the same day it was stolen. Farming can be a tough business and all the equipment we have is not only expensive but essential to allow us to do our job. Without TRACKER we would have been left seriously out of pocket and handicapped. Luckily we had a TRACKER fitted so the thieves were thwarted on the same day they stole our quad like. We would advise any farmers with expensive machinery to do the same as us and protect their equipment with a TRACKER.”
Sergeant Chris Wright of the Humberside Roads Police Unit said, “It was good teamwork. The technology on board the quad bike activated the TRACKER signal. Our cars are fitted with TRACKER. It shows that if there is TRACKER fitted on a vehicle we will find them.”
Andy Barrs, Head of Police Liaison at TRACKER comments, “This recovery once again demonstrates the power of TRACKER in helping those industries that are particularly vulnerable to vehicle theft – farming and construction. The machinery these businesses use is extremely valuable and often not kept in particularly secure locations, so of course attracts thieves like bees to honey. With a TRACKER plant equipment owners can be sure that the police will recover their stolen vehicles, more often than not, within hours. We were extremely pleased to work with Humberside police to successfully recover the Honda quad bike for Manna Park Farms and let them get on with their job without interference from thieves.”

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