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Motorcycle tracking devices

Whether you own the latest sport motorbike or a vintage classic you'll want to protect it from thieves with the best motorcycle tracking system available.

Motorcycle tracking devices to fit your bike

TRACKER offer motorbike tracking options to suit a range of bikes to improve motorcycle security, reduce insurance premiums and offer you peace of mind so that in the event of a theft the police will be able to find your bike.

VHS and GPS tracking technology

There are around 77 motorcycles and scooters being stolen every day and due to their size they are much easier to hide than larger vehicles making TRACKER's unique VHF tracking technology vital. VHF tracking can find your bike even if it has been hidden in a lock-up, van, shipping container or underground car park, situations where GPS tracking can be rendered ineffective.

Call 0845 604 6004, contact us online or visit our online shop now and you can start reducing your motorbike insurance premiums and help protect your motorcycle from theft.


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Motorcycle tracking FAQs

Q: Will anyone know that a motorcycle tracking system is installed in my car?

Our TRACKER system is installed covertly, meaning that it is not visible as it is installed within the body of the motorcycle. Its best thieves do not know it is there so they won’t try to find or remove it.

Q: Will the car tracking device work if the bike battery gets disconnected?

Yes, our TRACKER devices come with a battery back-up which means they can self-power should the vehicle battery become disconnected or discharged. Under normal vehicle use your battery should last for 3 years.

Q: Will my TRACKER system work in Europe?

Answer: Depending on the type of TRACKER unit you have installed, it will provide partial or full European tracking coverage. Partial tracking coverage - France, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Holland & Luxembourg. TRACKER’s sister companies in these countries can track stolen vehicles using our patented digital VHF tracking.

Q: Will my bike tracker work indoors

Answer: VHF technology can find your bike even if it has been hidden in a lock-up, van, shipping containing or underground car park. These situations would generally render GPS only tracking devices ineffective.

Motorcycle crime statistics

  • 60 Motorcycles are stolen everyday in the UK
  • £8m worth of bikes are stolen in the UK every month
  • 80% of bikes are stolen from home
  • A bike is over twice as likely to be stolen as a car 

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