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Protecting What Matters

We teamed up with DriveTribe to track down James May's Alpine with the help of Essex Police

Tracker is the UK's leading stolen vehicle recovery specialist. We are the only stolen vehicle recovery service offering vehicle tracking systems supported nationwide by the UK police, making our vehicle tracking solutions the most effective way to protect your vehicle in the event of theft.

Why Tracker? 

Our products use Very High Frequency (VHF) - a Military-grade patented technology which is unique to Tracker. This makes our transmitters resistant to GPS/GSM jamming, helping the police home in on your car where ever it is.

With 25 years of experience of reuniting car lovers with their stolen vehicles and helping Police catch criminals; we have the perfect combination of unique technology and tracking partner, making our products the perfect solution for protecting what matters to you.

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26,317 Tracker recoveries to date
2,737 arrests from cars fitted with Tracker products
Value of vehicles recovered over £552 million

Four great reasons to choose Tracker products

Vehicles are sometimes 'stolen to order', taken for vehicle parts or simply to resell to unsuspecting buyers. In such an unfortunate event, you want to be sure your tracking system gives you the best chance of getting it back fast. Our patented VHF tracking technology gives you that peace of mind.

Visible when contained
Visible Underground
Visible across Europe
Visible to the Police force
Side profile of luxury car with car tracker | TRACKER

Tracker, the ONLY choice for your vehicle protection

Recovering your vehicle is our priority, no matter your vehicle. Tracker is at hand to help

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