Installation Guide for your C200 Telematics Device

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The C200 is only suitable for 12V vehicle auxiliary sockets fitted to most cars and light commercial vehicles. Please be aware that the C200 requires a maximum of 500mA of current. If you are using a multi-adaptor, ensure that you are not overloading your vehicle circuit. If you are using the C200 in an HGV, please check that the vehicle auxiliary socket is 12V – if in doubt, please check your vehicle manual or consult the vehicle distributor.

The installation of the C200 is very straightforward and does not require the use of any tools. There may be several 12V vehicle auxiliary sockets within your vehicle; they can often be located in the front console area between the driver and passenger seat as well as within armrests and the rear of the vehicle. The C200 is equipped with a bi-directional antenna system to cater for all the different orientations of the vehicle auxiliary socket, without any detrimental effect on operation.




  1. Turn the ignition off
  2. Once you have removed your C200 device from the packaging, locate the vehicle auxiliary socket using the guidelines given above. Insert your C200 into the socket blue tip first making sure it is depressed home fully to ensure the positive tip of the unit is making a good contact with the base of the socket.
  3. After a few seconds, your C200 will confirm operation by illuminating the translucent ring (the ring will illuminate to either green or amber). The illumination will also extinguish when the unit goes to sleep, or the power is removed. If the translucent ring is not illuminated your C200 may be not receiving power. Some vehicles shut down the power supply to the auxiliary sockets during periods of vehicle inactivity e. ignition OFF and/or vehicle locked. Unlock the vehicle and switch ON the ignition to check if this applies.
  4. The easiest way to check that your vehicle is supplying power to your vehicle auxiliary socket is to plug in an alternative vehicle accessory such as a phone charger. If this fails to operate then it is possible the vehicle fuse supplying the vehicle auxiliary socket that may be defective. Please consult your vehicle operator’s handbook for advice on how to check this.
  5. Once you have confirmed the illumination on your unit then you are all set up! 
  6. Remember to download your telematics app using the QR code on your welcome postcard. 

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