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Challenges facing the Motor Insurance Industry

ABI motor claims 2019 report shows:

  • Motor theft payouts up over 20% in first quarter in 2019
  • Car theft insurance payouts have soared by more than a fifth to their highest levels in seven years.
  • Insurers are settling a car crime claim every 8 minutes 
  • Cost of theft payout worked out at over £1.2million paid to policy holders every day.
  • Keyless car theft is partly to blame for the annual rise in payout
  • Home office figures revealed a 50% rise in vehicle thefts over the last 5 years

Tracker's Recovery Statistics Speak For Themselves


Tracker recovery rate


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Insured Asset Protection

Insurers Can Reduce Their Claims Loss Ratio With Tracker Solutions

Tracker offers propositions which can be tailored to suit the Insurer:

  • Tracker in partnership with the Insurer can recover insured stolen vehicles and help reduce claims payout.
  • Offer customers value-added services by enhancing their theft policy cover
  • Increase your policy up take by offering dicounts on Tracker fitted vehicles

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