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Jaguar tracking devices and systems

Having been one of the most popular cars for decades, Jaguar is enjoying more success than ever right now with a massive 77% growth in sales in 2016. Quintessentially British and an unrivalled status symbol it’s easy to see why they have such enduring popularity. Sadly, their popularity is not just with owners but with car thieves too. Jaguar is one of the most targeted vehicles for thieves and as such if you own one or are planning to own one soon, it’s really important that you think about protecting it as best as you can. Here’s why you should consider a tracking device…

Why install a tracking system on a Jaguar?

The Jaguar range is extensive with prices ranging from £28,395 for the family-friendly Jaguar XE to almost £60,000 for the Jaguar XJ. However, classic Jaguars can come at extraordinarily high prices with a 1966 version once being sold for an incredible $15 million. But it doesn’t matter whether you spend millions or not, as soon as you take ownership of a Jaguar it’ll no doubt be your pride and joy.

Having a tracking device installed means you’ll always know where your car is, and in the event that it’s stolen, you’ll have a really good chance of getting it back.

How our VHF and GPS Jaguar tracking devices work

Our Jaguar TRACKER device is one of the very best you can buy, making it an ideal choice for a premium car such as a Jaguar. Our devices use two types of signal, VHF and GPS, to ensure that there is virtually nowhere that your car could be taken and we could not get a signal trace.

As soon as you alert us that your vehicle has been stolen we will connect to your TRACKER device and then work with the Police to ensure your vehicle is located and recovered as soon as possible.

Installing security devices to lower Jaguar insurance costs

Having such a luxury vehicle means that Jaguar owners can expect to pay high insurance premiums. However, with the added risk of theft it can mean that Jaguar owners do pay more than most. 

Having a TRACKER device installed will lower your premiums, as insurance companies pass on the savings they make through not having to pay for stolen vehicles. In fact, the saving you make can be so significant it quickly covers the cost of the tracking device itself. 

Call 0845 604 6004 or contact us online or visit our online shop now so you can start reducing your insurance premiums and ensure your car is monitored at all times, including any potential theft attempts.


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Jaguar car tracking FAQ

I don’t want it to ruin the look of my car, will the tracking device be visible?
The tracking device will not be visible. The main aim is that thieves do not know it is there and try to remove it.   

Does TRACKER work in Europe?
Yes, when you purchase your TRACKER device we offer differing levels of cover. If you frequently travel abroad to Europe then select the Europe-wide coverage package and we’ll be able to pick up your signal wherever you are. 

To find out more about TRACKER or arrange to get it installed on your Jaguar then get in touch with us today.

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