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TRACKER helps police recover stolen plant

Date: 12 August 2014

As the latest figures from NFU Mutual* show that cost of rural crime in the UK in 2013 was £44.5m – up 5.2% on the previous years, TRACKER, the UK’s leading stolen plant and agricultural recovery provider, has helped police stem the tide by preventing  a rash of plant thefts in counties across England. All four cases were recovered within 24 hours of the TRACKER device being activated, highlighting the value of stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) technology as a way for plant owners to protect their assets from criminals.
Plant Thieves Made into April Fools
In April, a Manitou tele-handler was stolen from Gloucestershire and recovered in Warwickshire, the very next day, thanks to TRACKER’s revolutionary technology leading police to its location.  The stolen item was located along with approximately 20 other items, which may also have been stolen, resulting in the identification of a suspect now wanted by police.
Hat-trick of Stolen Plant Recovered
In June, TRACKER played a key role in helping police across several counties locate and recover stolen machinery. A mini digger was stolen from Northamptonshire and police found it the next day, hidden in an industrial unit in Bedfordshire. Similarly, a John Deere ride-on lawn mower was stolen in Berkshire, but luckily it was fitted with TRACKER, allowing police to follow the signal and locate the missing mower, which was hidden in a horse trailer in Surrey. When a Caterpillar item of plant machinery was stolen from Berkshire, TRACKER technology helped police recover it from North Hampshire, just six hours later.
“For all these plant and machinery owners, investing in TRACKER technology has proved invaluable,” explains Adrian Davenport, Police Liaison Manager for TRACKER. “Without the protection of an SVR unit, stolen plant machinery may never be found, if it’s sold abroad or broken down for parts. Losing valuable plant can hit a business with replacement costs, as well as increased insurance premiums.
“TRACKER has a unique relationship with the UK’s police forces, ensuring we can help them recover stolen property, no matter where the thieves go. These four cases clearly show how quickly recoveries can happen, once a TRACKER unit is activated, sending a clear message to criminals.”
The National Plant & Equipment Register (TER) reports that plant theft costs the UK around £1 million every week, with 95 per cent of stolen plant equipment never being recovered each year.  However, 95% of stolen vehicles fitted with TRACKER are returned to their owners and 86% of these are recovered within 24hrs. TRACKER also supports CESAR, the Construction Equipment Security & Registration Scheme supported by the government and major players in the industry.

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