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Forty vehicles recovered by TRACKER Mesh Network in just 7 days

Date: 25 June 2014

In just one week at the beginning of June, TRACKER Mesh Network has recovered an impressive haul of over 40 vehicles, even though only four were fitted with a TRACKER. Working in collaboration with the Metropolitan, Essex and Kent police forces, TRACKER was able to track and recover a BMW 3 Series Sport, BMW X5, VW Golf and a Suzuki motorcycle worth a combined value of £60,000. A further 36 vehicles were recovered at the same time, resulting in eleven arrests.
“Rapid recovery is one of the key benefits of having a TRACKER device fitted on your vehicle, but in some cases we find the vehicle so quickly it takes the car thieves totally by surprise,” explains Andy Barrs, Head of Police Liaison at TRACKER. “In one case the stolen car was found in less than an hour leaving very little time for the criminal to flee the scene. The recovery of the BMW 325Ci M Sport uncovered a ‘chop shop’ where another 30 vehicles were recovered being broken down to sell-on as parts.
“TRACKER’s Mesh Network has played a significant role in the speed of recovery of all these vehicles. In 2013, the Mesh Network helped TRACKER and UK police forces recover 88% of the total number of vehicles stolen that were fitted with a TRACKER device. This clearly demonstrates the value of the TRACKER technology.”
The TRACKER Mesh Network takes advantage of other vehicles already fitted with TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery units to locate stolen vehicles also fitted with TRACKER. This brings drivers together to create a UK wide network of ‘listening vehicles’ which can help pinpoint the location of a stolen vehicle fitted with TRACKER.
When a vehicle fitted with TRACKER Locate or TRACKER Plant passes any TRACKER stolen vehicle recovery equipped vehicle that has been reported stolen, it automatically sends a signal to TRACKER providing the location of the stolen asset – even if it is hidden in a garage, container or underground car park.  Both drivers are totally unaware that the stolen vehicle has been identified by TRACKER’s Mesh Network.
Barrs concludes, “95% of stolen cars fitted with TRACKER are returned to their owners and 80% of these are recovered within 24hrs. But with Mesh Network’s ever-expanding web, designed to catch car criminals, we are creating even more opportunities for stolen vehicles to be identified, located and returned to their rightful owners faster than ever.

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