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Top ten most stolen and recovered cars 2016

Date: 28/04/2017 15:21:00
Category: Car tracking
Author: Tom Light

The results are in and we’ve crunched the numbers from TRACKER’s unique stolen vehicle recovery devices to reveal the top ten most stolen and recovered cars in the UK during 2016. 

Many of these vehicles have appeared in our top ten repeatedly in recent years, revealing some definite favourites when it comes to high-value cars stolen to order.

Thankfully, cars fitted with a TRACKER recovery device are returned to their owners far more often than not, which is a comforting thought when 12 vehicles are stolen every hour in England and Wales*, equating to one every five minutes.
If your car is in the top ten, or if you’re looking to buy one of the cars on the list, these stats show it’s more important than ever to install TRACKER’s car security technology.

*Source: Radio research from Home Office, on behalf of TRACKER. Car prices come from WhatCar?, CarBuyer and AutoCar. 

As this year’s Top Ten shows, 4x4s are the most sought-after vehicle by thieves, with premium executive cars a close second. A third of cars were stolen using the owners’ keys, but thanks to TRACKER’s unique ability to locate a vehicle anywhere, even when hidden in a shipping container or garage, our technology continues to return stolen cars to their owners time and time again. Here’s the most important stats you need to know:

  • TRACKER recovered over £11.5million worth of vehicles in 2016.
  • Average value of cars recovered in 2016 was £16,436 a decrease of £2,919, compared to 2015.
  •  A total of 62 arrests were made in 2016.
  • 86 vehicles not fitted with a TRACKER device were also recovered alongside TRACKER recovered vehicles.
  • January was the busiest month in 2016 with 74 recoveries in total worth £1,374,500.

Read the full TRACKER Top Ten Most Stolen and Recovered report and press release here.

The TRACKER top ten most stolen and recovered 2013-2016

Year on year results reveal the most desirable makes and models from 2013 to 2016.

There are distinct trends in the results of the Top Ten since 2013, we can see the same vehicle makes and models appear each year with little variation.

But whatever type of car you own, it goes without saying that you want to protect it from theft. Our exceptional tracking technology and 23 years in the stolen vehicle recovery industry make TRACKER the market leader, so talk to us today to ensure the best level of defense against the permanent loss of your car.

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