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Regional petrol price differences published

Date: 23/05/2013 12:42:56
Category: Fuel Efficiency
Author: David Howells

A full tank of fuel could now be up to £6 cheaper than it was just two months ago, albeit in certain locations, fleetnews.co.uk reports.

New research from high street bank Santander found that some motorists could be saving £6 on each 70 litre tank they fill up - such as that of a Ford Galaxy.

The study, which compared costs of filling 60 and 70 litre tanks around the UK also found some alarming geographical differences.

Taunton, for example, registered the highest cost of unleaded petrol per litre at 136.9 pence. It was closely followed by Hereford (136.33), Northampton (136.12), Stevenage (135.85) and Milton Keynes (135.5).

At the other end of the scale, Carlisle was cheapest at 129.7 pence per litre, whilst Aberdeen and Bradford both ducked under the £1.30 mark with a cost of 129.9.

The results show that residents of Taunton, Hereford and Northampton are getting some of the worst prices on their petrol in the UK, making it more of a priority for residents and road-using businesses to consider their fuel efficiency - potentially through the likes of a vehicle tracking system.

Commenting on the results, CEO of Santander Cards, Alan Mathewson, told yourmoney.com: "Spiralling fuel prices in the past 12 months have hit motorists hard with some families paying more than £100 to fill up the tank of the family car.

"However, our latest fuel survey gives motorists some temporary relief with decreases of up to seven per cent in just two months. While this will be welcome news for UK motorists, fuel prices remain at a near all-time high so it is important motorists look to make savings where possible, such as car-pooling with colleagues, driving more economically or using public transport."

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