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GPs named Britain's most accident-prone drivers

Date: 21/02/2014 16:59:28
Category: Insurance
Author: Richard Towey

Professional doctors are Britain's most dangerous users of the road, according to a fresh investigation into insurance claims.

Gocompare.com looked at six million different quotes between January and November of last year to find that almost one in three GPs - or 28.6 per cent - has made a claim on their policy over the last five years.

While brokers tend to place health professionals in the highest risk category, gocompare.com didn't predict that the number of claims made by GPs is over double that of the national average for all professions.

Hospital consultants place second with 26.2 per cent of workers making a claim, while gocompare.com's table of risky drivers shows that eight out of the top ten professions for insurance claims are in the health industry.

Dailymail.co.uk says clinical psychologists are the third-most accident-prone drivers in Britain, with dentists, health visitors, community nurses and even hospital managers making the top ten.

Professor Andrew Smith, an expert on occupational and health psychology at Cardiff University, told pulsetoday.co.uk it isn't a surprise to see overworked and stressed hospital staff dominating the list.

"Healthcare is typically considered a highly stressful occupation, which could explain why GPs and other health professionals seem to make more insurance claims than others," he commented.


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