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Game of hide and seek planned for offending Belfast motorists

Date: 24/10/2012 11:00:22
Category: Car tracking
Author: Chris Taylor

Drivers who illegally park in clearways or bus lanes in Belfast may find themselves playing a game of hide and seek with their car under new government plans.

According to belfasttelegraph.co.uk, not only will offending motorists in the city face a £90 parking fine - on top of a clamp removal fee - but they'll also have to find their vehicle which will be towed to the nearest, legal, parking space.

The measures come as roads minister Danny Kennedy ramps up what some are calling a "war" against driving offenders. Other recent changes in the city include the introduction of scooter-powered traffic wardens, who will attempt to ease local traffic congestion.

The number of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) issued to motorists has also increased significantly in recent months, with more than 8,000 handed out in the year to March 2012.

Mr Kennedy denied that he is warring with local commuters, explaining that he merely wants to change their "ethos and mindset".

He said: "I have made it absolutely clear there is no war against motorists in Northern Ireland but we will all benefit from an improved transport system."

DUP Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) Jimmy Spratt, agreed with Mr Kennedy that attitudes have to change in Northern Ireland, even if that means drivers might as well install car tracking devices to find their offending motors.

"Northern Ireland people are prone to thinking, 'sure it won't do much harm, I'll just park here for five or 10 minutes'. But even a single car in a clearway can cause massive problems," he says.

"I think there has to be a 'zero tolerance' approach. This will become increasingly important as and when a new rapid transport system is introduced."

The problems of parking in public spaces seems to be spreading across the UK, with drivers in Ammanford, Wales, similarly being warned they could be also be towed for parking in bus stops, reports thisissouthwales.co.uk.

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