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Car Trackers: A sensible New Year investment

Date: 17/12/2013 15:05:06
Category: Car tracking
Author: Elizabeth Smythe

Thousands upon thousands of motor vehicles are stolen every year, perhaps for onward re-selling while others are stripped of their parts for use on other cars. It is a crime that doesn't seem to be abating.

So many of us rely on our vehicles, to be without would cause huge inconvenience and disruption to our lives - especially in the winter. Plus we all spend a lot of money on our cars, through servicing, fuel and insurance. To lose your car would hit the pocket hard, as well as your stress levels.

That's why so many motorists are turning to vehicle tracking for that extra level of safeguarding, so that should the unthinkable happen, the car can be recovered quickly. Here are a few reasons why making a car tracker your New Year's investment is the right way to go...

Thefts are getting more sophisticated

Without wishing to scaremonger, the tools and techniques that criminals employ to remove a vehicle are becoming increasingly complicated and difficult to block. No longer is a simple car alarm sufficient, being easy for master thieves to dismantle. A tracker, however, can alert the owner to any unauthorised movement as it incorporates motion sensors. This early indication of wrong-doing means thieves could be disturbed or caught red-handed by the police. A tracking system is considered one of the most effective tools against vehicle theft.

Save money on your insurance

Just as parking your car in a garage can lower your insurance premiums, installing a tracker can similarly result in savings. This added form of protection will make your vehicle appear, in the insurer's eyes, less of a risk to them. While it's possible to fit trackers yourself, be mindful that insurers look more favourably on recognisable brands and when they've been professionally fitted, to guarantee efficiency.

Faster vehicle recovery

Should your vehicle be stolen, the intelligent GPS system will be able to track where your car has been taken, even if it has been parked in the depths of a sub-ground level car park. A good product will also be able to track the vehicle despite the thieves using - or attempting to use - signal jammers. That means the police will be able to recover your vehicle far more quickly than otherwise.

Can track your fuel consumption

We've all resigned ourselves to fuel price increases. It seems crazy to think that the last time we paid less than one pound per gallon of petrol was in May 2009. As a consequence, lots of drivers have made a concerted effort to watch their fuel consumption in an attempt to make it go that little bit further. A tracker can help with this process, assisting you by providing information on journeys made, idle time and average speeds. This information could then be used to modify driving habits and in turn, reduce fuel consumption.

While some people are putting new car mats, turtle wax or even a new motor on their Christmas lists, it might be a far more sensible option to ask Santa for a tracking system; to provide peace of mind all year long. 

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