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Hotel Media invests in telematics for safer, greener driving

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TRACKER Fleet Monitors Driving Style to Reduce Operational Costs

Hotel Media is the latest company to invest in TRACKER Fleet to support its vision of becoming Carbon Neutral, whilst improving the efficiency and safety of its fleet of TV engineers. 
Hotel Media, which helps hotels and communal residences across the UK maximise the value of TV and Video on Demand, is committed to the environment and sustainability and prides itself on its business conduct.  The installation of TRACKER Fleet to monitor the Driving Style of its fleet of engineers compliments its strides towards reducing the company’s carbon footprint, which include actively encouraging engineers to make use of the public transport system. 
Gary Yeames-Smith, Director at Hotel Media, says: “Our main reason for using TRACKER Fleet is to cut down on emissions and improve driver safety. We reaped the benefits after the very first week when we saw a dramatic improvement in the speed drivers were going.”

TRACKER’s Driving Style explained
TRACKER’s Driving Style creates a unique driver score per vehicle, based on acceleration, braking, cornering, driver speed and idling. In addition to using this information to improve emissions and fuel consumption, it will also support Hotel Media in avoiding costly repairs. Harsh acceleration and braking uses more fuel and can increase wear and tear of vehicles. In the past Hotel Media have paid out for costly repairs as a result of drivers going too fast. The Driving Style module within TRACKER Fleet maps historical trends, allowing managers to recognize and reward improvement or offer driver training, as appropriate. The company will also receive maintenance alerts and reminders to check the condition of its vehicles.  
Driving Style customers enjoy secure access to the TRACKER Fleet website, where they can monitor driver behaviour in real-time. It is easily integrated with existing routing or scheduling software and is compatible with all modern web-browsing devices, including tablets and smartphones, so customers can access their fleet data wherever they are.
Hotel Media use this feature to enhance customer satisfaction.  As a growing business, it is essential the company protects its reputation of providing comprehensive and time-efficient services to its nationwide customer base. Gary Yeames-Smith adds: “If a customer enquires when their delivery will arrive, we can check where our drivers are and calculate how long it will take for their delivery to reach them, helping to successfully manage customer expectations.” 
Stephen Doran, Managing Director of TRACKER concludes, “Hotel Media demonstrates just how much small fleets benefit from investing in a telematics solution. Driver safety and cutting down on CO2 emissions is crucial for most companies, Driving Style is a great solution, irrespective of the size of fleet being monitored.”

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