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Why vehicle security is important wherever you are in the world

It's important to avoid falling into the 'It won't happen to me' mentality, especially when it comes to vehicle theft. This continues to be a problem across the globe. From the United States of America, Canada and Mexico to the UK, Italy and Germany, vehicle theft is prevalent across a range of major states, Consequently, it remains integral that vehicle owners remain vigilant when it comes to protecting and securing their vehicle.
United States
The US state of California in particular continues to have a major problem with vehicle theft. The city of Fresno has a higher number of car thefts per 100,000 people (808.25) than anywhere else in the US, according to statistics from Huffington Post. The second highest number of car thefts? Modesto, another city in California, where there are 639.32 car thefts for every 100,000 people. The third highest? Bakersfield-Delano, California, with 614.23 car thefts per 100,000. In fact, eight out of the top ten areas for US car theft are in California.
However, car theft figures in the US are improving. Data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau suggests the number of auto thefts in the US has fallen for the eighth consecutive year, with a spokesman suggesting improving car security features "can take credit" for the decrease.
United Kingdom
The UK is also far from a safe haven for vehicle owners. Figures from TrackWhatMatters suggest the UK is the second-worst area for vehicle theft in the world, just behind the US. The area of Chislehurst in Bromley is the biggest car theft hotspot in the nation, as the percentage of population to car theft is 3.82 per cent. Wingate in Cleveland registers a 3.72 per cent theft rate, while Redbridge in Ilford has a 3.39 per cent theft rate.
On the other hand, the UK does boast some safer places for vehicles. Swindon, Norwich, Solihull, Exeter and Cheltenham are all noted as areas of below-average car crime rates.
In Spain, foreign-registered vehicles tend to be a prime target for car thieves, especially camper vans and mobile homes. According to figures from JustLanded, 75 per cent of stolen vehicles are taken from outside the owner's home while ten per cent are stolen from garages.
In Italy, Rome is a hot spot for car thieves. While most burglaries tend to be aimed at the valuable contents held in a vehicle, Rome also has a poor record for theft of the vehicle itself, according to the Italy 2011 Crime and Safety Report. The entire vehicle or parts can be re-sold with ease outside of Italy, which makes Rome a prime city for car theft.
Germany also finds itself in the top ten countries for car crime as vehicle vandalism, vehicle break-ins and vehicle fires have all been listed as 'common incidents' by the Germany 2012 Crime and Safety Report. In addition, regional police statistics for car thefts in the German state of Brandenburg have risen 250 per cent compared to 2007, while the border town of Frankfurt an der Oder has experience a 500 per cent rise in the same time frame.
As we can see, vehicle crime continues to be a problem across the globe, so drivers should be doing everything they can to protect and secure their vehicle at all times.

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