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Top tips for lowering car insurance for new cars

While motorists are currently enjoying somewhat of a boon in the cost of their car insurance (down 15 per cent in some cases on last year), insurance remains one of the most expensive barriers towards car ownership.

This is particularly true of young people, who might struggle to buy a new car until they’ve been driving for many years.

A 2012 change in European law, that will see men and women pay the same amount of insurance irrespective of sex, could make car ownership more expensive for many female drivers too.

This is why we’ve produced a visual guide that helps explain the various ways that could help lower your car insurance when it comes to purchasing a new car.

 Tracker - Top tips for lowering car insurance for new cars

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Top tips for lowering car insurance for new cars (text-version)


1. Shop around for the best deals - Use comparison search engines and ensure you’re comparing like-for-like cover.

2. Consider your named drivers - Don’t pretend someone is a second named driver if they are the main one. Think about any risks or points they might inherently bring to the policy.

3. Keep your vehicle in a secure location - Policies are likely to be cheaper if parking in a private space or driveway, as opposed to the road, away from the house.

4. Protect your no-claims bonus - This is the single-greatest way to cut costs on your car insurance. However, check what your existing definition of “no claims” means between insurers.

5. Secure your car with accredited alarms, immobilisers and/or tracking devices - Approved devices can attract a discount of around 5%. Many newer cars will come with these as standard, so make sure you check if you have them and then declare them.

6. Be aware that engine size and value will be factored in - Car modifications can be expensive, so make sure you declare any from the start so not to invalidate your claim, or consider another vehicle altogether!

7. Install telematics (blackbox) technology - These devices are different to trackers in that they monitor your driving and reward careful drivers. Blackboxes are increasingly recommended to young drivers.

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