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Customer Offers

Tracker Customer Loyalty Offer

As an existing and valued Tracker customer we would like to offer you MORE for less!  When you purchase your next Tracker you will save up to £99 off your next unit and transfer any remaining subscription to your new agreement.* 

Call us on: 0333 207 4121 quoting CS99

*Subscription transfer not available on duration subscription. Customer Loyalty offer not available on Battery Powered Retrieve product. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Is there a Tracker already fitted on your vehicle?

If you've purchased a vehicle and it's already fitted with a Tracker you can enjoy all the benefits of our Tracker service by simply setting up a subscription.

Call us today and activate your Tracker system for immediate vehicle protection or follow the link below, fill in the form and our sales team will call you. 


Helpful tips and advice on how to look after your Tracker

For further information visit our Customer Help page

Customer FAQs