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Individuals Tracker

Whatever you drive there is a Tracker for you

Unrivalled stolen vehicle recovery and telematics

Protecting What Matters

There is no denying that we are dependent on our vehicle; living without it is virtually unthinkable. It is because of our precious motor that we can cram so much into the day.  Imagine, then, how awful it must be when a vehicle is stolen.

The true cost of vehicle theft

The impact of vehicle theft is about more than losing your vehicle, there are both financial and emotional consequences.

  • Loss of your insurance excess
  • Loss of your no-claims bonus
  • Car hire costs
  • Insurance settlement delays
  • Uplift in Insurance premium
  • Cherished plate re-registration delay
  • Personal inconvenience and distress


Shop Vehicle Trackers

Tracker for Cars

A car is more than just convenient transport, so having it stolen can be a nightmare, causing unnecessary stress and expense. We all think this is an issue which will not affect us, but as criminals are getting smarter and tech-savvy, the odds are against us. Our range of Tracker products can provide the best chance of recovery thanks to our patented VHF technology. Don't take the risk, protect your car against theft.

Get a Tracker for your car
Photo of rear passenger side of black Audi R8, break lights on with blurred background.

Tracker for Motorcycles and Scooters

A motorcycle represents freedom on the open road. Most motorcyclists spend ages searching for the right bike, setting it up and modifying it to suit them; so why would you not protect something so precious. Tracker products utilise VHF technology that can locate your bike, even if it is hidden in the back of a van or shipping container.

Get a Tracker for your Motorcycle or Scooter

Tracker for Motorhomes

A brand new motorhome boasts onboard tech that would have anyone scratching their heads, to classic camper vans which embody all the charm and sophistication of a bygone age. We always want to protect the things we love. Tracker gives your prize assets the best chance of being returned in the event of them being stolen.

Get a Tracker for your Motorhome

Tracker for Caravans

Having memories of the great outdoors goes hand in hand with owning a caravan. They enable us to enjoy time with the family, taking everything that local scenery has to offer. Having a caravan stolen is more than just losing an asset, it’s like losing a home from home. Protect your prize asset with Tracker. Our VHF technology provides the best chance of your caravan being returned in the event of it being stolen.

Get a Tracker for your Caravan

VHF: Tracking technology you can trust

Find out how our military-grade VHF technology can help combat vehicle theft

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26,371 Tracker recoveries to date
2,742 arrests from cars fitted with Tracker products
Value of vehicles recovered over £553 million