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Fleet Tracking

Trackers for Business Fleets

Stay in control of your fleet, protect what matters

Security and successful recovery of your vehicles is our top priority as we understand the implication that vehicle theft can have on your business. Replacing a vehicle is an immediate concern but the impact goes much deeper.


True cost of vehicle theft:

  • Business disruption and loss of revenue
  • Loss of equipment or goods in vehicle 
  • Replacement vehicle hire costs
  • Insurance premium uplift
  • Damage to your customer service
  • Loss of insurance excess
Case Studies

Four great reasons to choose TRACKER products

Vehicles are sometimes 'stolen to order', taken for tools or cargo, or simply to resell to unsuspecting buyers. In such an unfortunate event, you want to be sure your tracking system gives you the best chance of getting it back fast.

Visible when contained


Visible Underground


Visible across Europe


Visible to the Police force


TRACKER for Commercial Vehicles

Having your vehicle stolen can be a nightmare. Not only does it cause unnecessary stress, it can mean days or weeks of lost work. TRACKER might not keep a criminal from stealing your van, but it’ll give you a much better chance of getting it back along with your tools. Don't take the risk, protect your vehicle against theft.

Get a TRACKER for Commercial Vehicles

TRACKER for Agricultural Vehicles

One of the largest threats to the rural economy is the theft of agricultural machinery, farmers constantly having to implement new security measures in order to protect themselves from criminal activity. The loss of even one vehicle is a massive blow; protect your assets against theft.

Get a TRACKER for your Agricultural Vehicles

TRACKER for Construction Vehicles

Theft of construction equipment continues to be a major issue for business owners. Stealing construction equipment is a high-reward opportunity for thieves, especially on unsecured construction sites. The loss of even one vehicle causes a knock on effect for the entire site as machinery can be specialised. Protect your equipment from opportunistic thieves.

Get a TRACKER for your Construction Vehicles

TRACKER Professional Installation

Easy Management of your Fleet

If your business needs more from your stolen vehicle recovery system, selected TRACKER products can help improve business efficiences as well as the security of your fleet.

Reports & Dashboard

Access to a suite of reports to manage your vehicles

Traffic & Route Planning

Real-time updates on traffic delays

Vehicle Location

View location of vehicle, set geofence or timefence alerts

Journey Playback

View historical journey information


Fleet Management Solutions for your Business

Give your business the competitve edge.

For a full range of our Fleet Management solutions get in touch.


Contact Client Services:

0333 207 4121

25,911 TRACKER recoveries to date
2,706 arrests from cars fitted with TRACKER products
Value of vehicles recovered over £545 million

TRACKER, the ONLY choice for Commercial Vehicle Security

Recovering your vehicle is our priority. No matter your vehicle, TRACKER is at hand to help.

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