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Smart Dealer Solutions

Streamline Operation, Improve Customer Experience

Improve revenue with SmartDealer advanced inventory management and SmartDrive sell-through connectivity package

TRACKER's SmartDealer telematics solution puts dealerships in touch with their customers at the right time, helps to nurture customer relationships and improve customer experience.

Additional Service Revenue

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) alerts highlight when there's an issue with a customer's vehicle, so you can proactively offer your services.


Loyal Customer Base

Keep your customers coming back by offering services and discounts to your customers based on mileage and vehicle status. 


Auto Inventory Management

Quickly find any vehicle on the forecourt and actively monitor your inventory. Spend less time looking for vehicles and more time making sales


SmartDealer Connected Services gives control back to dealerships

Improve customer experience with greater visibility of vehicle inventory, location and vehicle health status


Recurring Revenue Stream

Increase service revenue by establishing a continuous connection with the customer, improving their mobility experience.

Low Battery Alerts

Get DTC alerts for every vehicle on your forecourt, enabling you to prioritise servicing for vehicles that need it most and eliminating unforeseen delays to deliveries and test drives.

Virtual Boundaries

Innovative Geofencing technology allows you to set a virtual boundary around your vehicles to get alerts about unauthorised movements or when a vehicle is off the forecourt. 

Sell-Through Capability

Boost profitability by offering the device as a sell-through component for customers, turning your investment into a profit centre to boost PVR while improving operational efficiency and customer loyalty.

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Save time and money by knowing exactly which vehicles need attention, to ensure customer test drives and deliveries happened as planned.

Enhance Customer Experience

Build your marketing strategy with SmartDealer by scheduling your customer communication. Customers will receive your marketing campaigns at the right time, directly to their SmartDrive app.

Manage your Vehicle Inventory

Monitor the status of your vehicles 24/7. Receive alerts if a car leaves the forecourt when it shouldn't.

CrashBoxx Instant Crash Alerts

Transform vehicle collisions into actionable insights with a detailed analysis of an accident, within minutes of the event. Identify the severity of a crash and receive collision reconstruction reports.

Find out how TRACKER SmartDealer can help your business

With SmartDealer, your car is connected, intelligent and secure

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Establish a lifetime relationship with the driver and vehicle with sophisticated vehicle management services


Dealer Engagement

Recapture service revenue and improve customer retention. If there is an issue with the car, the dealer will be made aware of them and the customer will be notified to bring their car in before it becomes a serious problem.

Safety and Security

Car owners will have peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is where they left it. If the unthinkable should happen, theft notifications will be sent directly to the 24-hour TRACKER Command Centre.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

TRACKER's dedicated operatives will talk customers through the steps that they should take in the devastating event that their vehicle is stolen.

Build Customer Loyalty

Secure repeat business and loyal customers by offering timely offers and discounts based on mileage and vehicle status.

SmartDrive Smartphone App

Customers can get notifications through the SmartDrive app, which include car locating, vehicle health information, stolen vehicle tracking, and virtual boundary notifications.

Geofence Notifications

Get notified when a loved one arrives or leaves a location. Easily set up geofencing to receive timely notifications.

CrashBoxx Instant Crash Alerts

CrashBoxx's advanced sensor systems can accurately detect when your vehicle is in an accident. TRACKER operatives can get you assistance if needed.

Unexpected Movement Notifications

An alert will be generated when motion is detected without the ignition being turned on.

Peace of Mind for the Drive Ahead with SmartDealer

To discuss SmartDealer for your business, please contact our sales team:

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