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Press releases

Click on an item below to read more about TRACKER activities in the car and fleet tracking industry. 


Date: 11 July 2018

Over 30 years of police service with expertise in vehicle and organised crime

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Date: 06 June 2018

TRACKER urges owners to focus on security to keep thieves at bay this Summer

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Date: 29 May 2018

Partnership will give customers the ultimate defence against car thieves

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Date: 25 May 2018

TRACKER reveals the top ten regions for most stolen and recovered cars

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TRACKER Cat 5 Plus – The Vehicle Security Choice Of Champions

Date: 12 April 2018

Triple British Touring Car Champion, Gordon ‘Flash’ Shedden turns to TRACKER for peace of mind

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TRACKER Supports Bailey Of Bristol’s Big Adventure

Date: 06 April 2018

Team will travel to 21 countries in 21 days with TRACKER technology on board for live updates along the way

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TRACKER Highlights Risk To Businesses As Keyless Van Theft Increases In 2017

Date: 19 March 2018

Safeguard Your Business from Van Theft 

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TRACKER Recovers Over £540,000 Of Stolen Motorcycles In 2017

Date: 14 March 2018

UK hot spots for bike thieves revealed

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TRACKER Names Mercedes-Benz C Class As The Most Stolen And Recovered Vehicle In 2017

Date: 27 February 2018

‘Top Ten’ league table sees the VW Golf in vogue with car thieves 

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Protecting Motorists From The Rising Threat Of Gps/Gsm Jammers

Date: 14 February 2018

The new TRACKER S5 Plus offers the ultimate defence against the latest car theft techniques

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TRACKER Helps Car Enthusiasts Protect Their Modern Classics

Date: 08 February 2018

Expert vehicle security team cruises down to the London Classic Car Show
Visit stand E108: 15-18 February 2018 at ExCel London

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Used Car Buyers Beware A Thief In Sheep's Clothing

Date: 07 February 2018

Nationwide spike in car theft should ring alarm bells for shoppers, warns TRACKER

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TRACKER Helps Surrey Police Recover Stolen Caravan Within Three Hours

Date: 04 January 2018

Within Three Hours
SVR device thwarts criminals thanks to its Mesh Network technology

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96% OF CAR OWNERS VULNERABLE TO A RELAY ATTACK BY CRIMINALS TRACKER urges motorists to safeguard their keys to prevent theft

Date: 04 December 2017

According to the latest figures from TRACKER (part of the Tantalum Corporation), 96% of motorists it surveyed are at risk of having their car stolen by criminals using the latest theft technique - a relay attack. In 2016, 66% of TRACKER’s stolen vehicle recovery customer thefts’ were committed by way of a 'relay attack’, confirming just how prevalent this crime has become.

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44 UK Cities In Breach Of Air Quality Guidelines

Date: 02 November 2017

Tantalum highlights the need for action and urges businesses to join its Air.Car trial to support research into creating healthier cities

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Tantalum Urges Businesses To Back Air.Car To Fight Against Air Pollution

Date: 18 October 2017

Firms joining free trial demonstrate their commitment to public health improvements by supporting ground-breaking research into reducing air pollution

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Vehicles Stolen With Keys Increases In The Autumn And Winter Months

Date: 10 October 2017

TRACKER warns car owners to take extra care as the evenings get darker

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Autumn Is Prime Time For Bike Thieves

Date: 10 October 2017

TRACKER figures reveal autumn is the most popular season for a bike to be stolen

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Stolen Rolls Royce Worth £110,000 Recovered In Under Two Hours

Date: 04 October 2017

TRACKER helps Warwickshire police return car after thieves burgle house for keys

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Date: 29 September 2017

While Police and traffic officer austerity cuts take hold

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As UK Car Crime Spikes By 20% - The Biggest Increase In A Decade - TRACKER Urges Car Owners To Focus On Security

Date: 05 September 2017

TRACKER, the stolen vehicle recovery expert, highlights the need for motorists to protect their vehicle, as thieves target cars of any age, mileage and brand all over the UK.

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TRACKER Warns Of Rise Of The ‘Relay’ Car Theft Technique

Date: 10 August 2017

As September’s plate change looms, a reminder is served that more cars are stolen without keys as criminals exploit weaknesses in security technology

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Motorbike Cloning A Real Threat For Owners, Warns TRACKER

Date: 02 August 2017

With as many as one in 12 of the 37 million vehicles (all types) on UK roads likely to have cloned registration plates*, stolen motorcycle recovery expert, TRACKER, is putting the spot light on bike cloning.

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Hare Coursers And Thieves Make Hay While The Sun Shines

Date: 27 July 2017

TRACKER urges farmers and rural firms to invest in SVR technology to safeguard their assets this summer

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TRACKER Recovers Over Half Million Pounds Worth Of Stolen Caravans In The First Six Months 2017

Date: 25 July 2017

Latest figures* show a 52% increase in the number of thefts compared to last year

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TRACKER Helps Police Reunite Couple With Their Stolen Motorhome Worth £60,000

Date: 20 July 2017

Thieves ransacked Nottinghamshire home and took the motorhome from the driveway

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TRACKER Presents Award To Detective Constable Mark Anson

Date: 20 July 2017

Recognising excellence in the field of vehicle tracking and telematics

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TRACKER Reports Increase In Stolen Quad Bikes For Q1 2017

Date: 29 June 2017

Majority of thefts taking place in the Yorkshire region

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Over Half A Million Pounds Of Stolen Light Commercial Vehicles Recovered In 2016

Date: 28 June 2017

TRACKER highlights risk to businesses as thieves still using traditional methods

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Date: 21 June 2017

Over £687,000 worth of stolen motorbikes recovered in 2016 as a result of tracking technology

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Date: 20 June 2017

Seven arrests made in one week and over £340k of car parts found in one criminal hideout as SVR technology closes the net on thieves

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Car theft highest in Scotland’s cultural and cosmopolitan hot spots

Date: 15 May 2017

But TRACKER figures reveal that city dwellers are not the only targets

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Prestige cars no longer passé with car thieves

Date: 11 May 2017

32% of stolen vehicles recovered, valued at under £5,000 reveals TRACKER

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Date: 10 May 2017

Tantalum Corporation’s 1000 vehicle pilot to give businesses real-time CO2 and NOx emissions data to help reduce their environmental impact

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Do you want to be Tom Hardy? Get chasing those moped thieves…

Date: 27 April 2017

TRACKER survey reveals a nation of reluctant superheros

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Land Rover Defender thefts in top 10 list for the first time

Date: 25 April 2017

TRACKER sees number of Defenders stolen and recovered increase by over 50%

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Stolen motorcycle recoveries up nearly 10% in 2016

Date: 23 April 2017

TRACKER figures reveal the most desirable bikes for thieves and their UK hot spots

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Thieves continue to target the BMW X5

Date: 10 April 2017

TRACKER’s SVR technology helps West Midlands Police close in on the car criminals

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BMW X5 reclaims reign as most ‘stolen and recovered’ car in 2016 reports TRACKER

Date: 13 March 2017

As 4x4s dominate, the Range Rover Sport drops to second place and Land Rover Defender makes a new entry

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London remains top spot for stolen and recovered cars in 2016

Date: 13 March 2017

TRACKER reveals the top ten regions where cars were most stolen and recovered

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London top hot spot for vehicle thieves

Date: 09 February 2017

TRACKER hits Westfield to demo the app that can help shoppers protect their cars
Visit the TRACKER stand, Westfield Shepherds Bush, 9-12 February

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TRACKER appoints FITAS as installer training partner

Date: 16 January 2017

Nationwide network of 250 independent installers will enhance customer peace of mind

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Will connected technology compromise vehicle security?

Date: 11 January 2017

Organised car crime gangs are stepping up to the mark, says TRACKER

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TRACKER figures show the North/South car theft divide

Date: 14 December 2016

64% of stolen cars taken with keys in the north compared to just 42% in the south

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Stolen Ducati bike recovered in London within 16 hours

Date: 21 November 2016

TRACKER helps police return stolen motorcycle to its owner

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TRACKER helps Met police recover stolen Renault Scenic in under 9 hours

Date: 14 November 2016

Stopping opportunistic thieves in their tracks as vehicle thefts rise in London

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Successful recovery of two quad bikes in Northumberland

Date: 10 November 2016

TRACKER help lead Northumberland police to stolen farm equipment

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Car thefts increase by 25% in the winter months

Date: 31 October 2016

TRACKER warns car owners to take extra care as the evenings get darker

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Thieves turn to car cloning to aid a quick sale

Date: 18 October 2016

TRACKER urges owners to outwit criminals with SVR technology

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TRACKER helps police recover stolen tractor for Evesham FC

Date: 06 October 2016

Tractors worth £15,000 returned to owners sending strong message to thieves

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Keep car keys safe, keep car theives at bay

Date: 28 September 2016

TRACKER backs the campaign by the automotive industry, government, police and insurance bodies to increase consumer vigilance of car thieves

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TRACKER helps police locate stolen motorcycle worth £7,000

Date: 20 September 2016

Motorbike and scooter owners are warned that thieves are cloning stolen bikes to foil buyers

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Connected vehicle tech expert, Tantalum Corporation ranks 14th in the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100

Date: 16 September 2016

Tantalum recognised for innovation, growth and key partnerships

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Peugeot Tweet most stolen and recovered motorbike in 2016

Date: 13 September 2016

TRACKER report reveals affordable models top the list for criminals

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TRACKER leads Scottish police to haul of stolen farm equipment

Date: 08 September 2016

All-Terrain Vehicle recovered within 48 hours of being stolen

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Tantalum presents its fleet and fuel functionality

Date: 07 September 2016

To be part of Samsung’s Connect Auto offering at the IFA Show 2016 in Berlin

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TRACKER leads police to stolen caravan in under 4 hours

Date: 24 August 2016

Unique trace and locate technology recovers caravan worth £16,000

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TRACKER supports Bristol stroke survivor on road to recovery

Date: 11 August 2016

Stolen vehicle recovery technology brings peace of mind for drivers who rely on their specialist vehicles

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Vehicle theft increases in London for first time in 20 years

Date: 28 July 2016

TRACKER's SVR technology answers home office call for a third wave of vehicle security

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Land Rover Defender thefts are a nationwide concern

Date: 18 July 2016

TRACKER helps police locate two Land Rover Defenders

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Rural crime figures reveal quad bike thefts rising by 80%

Date: 05 July 2016

TRACKER urges farmers and rural businesses to invest in SVR technology to protect their assets and close the net on thieves

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TRACKER helps police recover Range Rover within just 20 minutes of being stolen

Date: 09 June 2016

Two vehicles recovered after thieves take keys during a house burglary

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The annual cost of rural crime hits £800 million in 2015

Date: 31 May 2016

Farmers fitting TRACKER technology could save up to 25% off NFU Mutual insurance and stop thieves in their tracks

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Car thieves go back to the 1980s

Date: 26 May 2016

TRACKER urges classic car owners to focus on security as criminals target modern classics

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Abbey Insurance reaps the benefits of TRACKER’s telematics expertise

Date: 09 May 2016

Early results report 20% less claims from Abbey Box users

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Tackling rural theft in Scotland must begin with better protection

Date: 05 May 2016

Quad and tractor thieves can be thwarted by tracking technology

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Third wave of vehicle theft solutions required

Date: 03 May 2016

TRACKER backs Home Office Crime Report highlighting the limitations of immobiliser technology and calling for new solutions from motor manufacturers

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Only 9% of plant machinery stolen in the uk is recovered

Date: 28 April 2016

Rapid building expansion abroad sees stolen plant machinary heading to UK ports

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Only one third of stolen Ford Transit vans are recovered

Date: 25 April 2016

The latest National Vehicle Crime report highlights the need for owners to protect their vehicles

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Land Rover Defender thefts up 75%

Date: 18 April 2016

TRACKER joins NFU Mutual in urging owners to boost their vehicle security

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Essex police recover three stolen Range Rovers found in a container at Felixstowe Port

Date: 24 March 2016

TRACKER helps police close the net on criminal gangs shipping cars overseas

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TRACKER unveils the top ten regions where cars were most stolen and recovered in 2015

Date: 21 March 2016

The UK’s capital tops the list confirming it’s still a car theft hot spot

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Motorcycle theft on the rise

Date: 14 March 2016

TRACKER urges motorbike owners to focus on security as thieves focus on vehicles with two-wheels

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TRACKER launches new plug & play telematics device

Date: 25 February 2016

TRACKER Connect is a self-installed solution bringing the latest telematics technology to fleet managers

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TRACKER partners with Road Guardian to launch driving style claims management app in Northern Ireland

Date: 24 February 2016

New App converts a smartphone into a dash cam which detects accidents, SOS alert facility, streamlines insurance claims, improves driving style and reduces costs

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Range Rover Sport was the most stolen and recovered car in 2015 reports TRACKER

Date: 23 February 2016

BMW X5 comes in 2nd having held the number one place for six consecutive years

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TRACKER helps police recover stolen Mercedes Sprinter in Essex

Date: 17 February 2016

Police are led to van worth £11,000 using TRACKER signals

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TRACKER celebrates recovering over £500 million worth of stolen vehicles

Date: 02 February 2016

A Mercedes ML250 worth £60,000 located in Essex marks TRACKER’s latest milestone as the UK’s leading stolen vehicle recovery expert

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TRACKER helps police recover stolen bmw in just 20 minutes

Date: 05 November 2015

Vehicle taken by opportunistic thieves in the West Midlands who had fitted false license plates to avoid it being traced

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Rural crime is still a blight on the farming community

Date: 29 October 2015

TRACKER and Hertfordshire Police work together to successfully recover a JCB Telehandler stolen from a farm in Lincolnshire

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Keyless car technology a gift for hackers warns TRACKER

Date: 22 October 2015

70% of car buyers put off by security weakness in the new technology

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Fleet industry can act to address emissions challenge

Date: 13 October 2015

Tantalum Corporation says understanding – and changing - driver behaviour will tackle emissions head on

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£50k Range Rover Evoque stolen in SW7

Date: 08 October 2015

TRACKER assist Metropolitan police in locating the car in just 12 minutes

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TRACKER works alongside police to recover Land Rover Discovery 4 worth over £50,000

Date: 21 September 2015

Vehicle discovered in a container with three other high value cars

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Connected vehicle software provider, Tantalum Corporation, is ranked 14th in the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100

Date: 14 September 2015

Tantalum recognised for commitment to innovation & growth

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70% of motorists put off buying keyless cars because of security risk

Date: 01 September 2015

New TRACKER survey highlights motorists’ concern surrounding car hacking

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TRACKER helps police combat organised crime in smaller towns

Date: 25 August 2015

Closing the net on organised motorcycle thieves in Exeter

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TRACKER helps police recover stolen Range Rover Sport

Date: 07 August 2015

VHF signal leads police to £30,000 vehicle taken from owner’s home

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Tractor stolen and recovered within 20 minutes

Date: 05 August 2015

TRACKER helps police clamp down on machine theft in Milton Keynes

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TRACKER warns that falling national car crime figures are misguided

Date: 27 July 2015

As an ongoing struggle is faced by police in major UK cities to tackle vehicle theft

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Fleet telematics intelligence is only intelligent if it is usable

Date: 17 July 2015

A ’Return on Investment’ drives Express Parcel Services to build a robust picture of driver efficiency utilising TRACKER Fleet

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TRACKER highlights growing fear of keyless car theft amongst car owners

Date: 14 July 2015

70% of people are put off purchasing cars with new technology over security

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Honda sets new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for fuel efficiency, averaging 100.31 miles per gallon in 8,387 mile drive across 24 EU countries

Date: 08 July 2015

Honda has set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for ‘Lowest fuel consumption – all 24 contiguous EU countries (all cars)’

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Caravan stolen in Northamptonshire worth over £20,000 recovered

Date: 02 July 2015

TRACKER technology meant stolen vehicle located in just over 4 hours of theft

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Summer security for motorcycle owners

Date: 18 June 2015

TRACKER recovered over £380,000 worth of motorbikes in 2014 and urges owners to secure their vehicles

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Classic 1962 Jaguar worth £150000 stolen in West London

Date: 17 June 2015

TRACKER Helps Met Police Recover Vehicle in Less Than 90 Minutes

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TRACKER partners with automotive industry charity BEN

Date: 10 June 2015

Recognising the great work that the charity brings to those working in the industry

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TRACKER launches new 'track and trace' app

Date: 01 June 2015

Designed following customer demand for an overview of their fleet whilst on the move

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TRACKER provides a superior level of journey information to Honda in Fuel Efficiency Challenge

Date: 28 May 2015

Honda targets new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for fuel efficiency with 13,000km drive across Europe

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'15' plate Corsa stolen weeks after delivery to customer

Date: 20 May 2015

Dealer ensures car is recovered thanks to fitting a TRACKER

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Tantalum Corporation launches TRACKER Insight at BIBA 2015

Date: 11 May 2015

Connecting the insurance industry with the next generation of connected car telematic solutions  
See Tantalum Corporation at BIBA 2015
Stand no C48

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TRACKER works alongside Manchester police to recover Mercedes worth £42,000

Date: 15 April 2015

Unique combination of GSM, VHF and GPS Technology Closed the Net

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TRACKER launches TRACKER Fleet Evo

Date: 08 April 2015

Bringing SMEs telematics solutions catering to smaller fleets

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TRACKER signs exclusive five year deal with UK police forces

Date: 31 March 2015

Building On a Successful Twenty One Year Partnership

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Colossal crusher stolen and recovered in Cardiff

Date: 11 March 2015

TRACKER signal leads police to £50,000 worth of stolen construction plant within 36

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BMW X5 most frequently stolen and recovered car for sixth year running

Date: 10 March 2015

But 4x4s prove to be a popular target for thieves in 2014 reports TRACKER

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TRACKER helps police recover stolen Fiat 500 in Essex

Date: 06 March 2015

As Fiat 500 models become more popular with car thieves

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TRACKER helps police recover stolen JCB within two hours in Wolverhampton

Date: 20 February 2015

Thief's jammer signal no match for TRACKER technology

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TRACKER helps caravan dealership recover caravan worth £18,500

Date: 13 February 2015

VHF technology leads police straight to stolen vehicle location within five hours

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Road Guardian launched to help tackle Northern Ireland's road safety crisis

Date: 11 February 2015

TRACKER joins Northern Ireland’s ministers to support the launch and put the spot light on improving driver behaviour

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TRACKER (part of the Tantalum Corporation) joins forces with Halfords to offer TRACKER Vision Sprint

Date: 11 February 2015

New plug & play fleet tracking and navigation system

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TRACKER helps police recover stolen 3 tonne dumper in Wales

Date: 03 February 2015

VHF signal leads police to £14,000 worth of stolen plant in less than 3 hours

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Lexham insurance partners with TRACKER to launch car insurance for first time drivers and impaired licence holders

Date: 28 January 2015

Self Installation Telematics Solution Monitors Young Driver Performance

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How many Range Rovers can thieves fit in a container?

Date: 21 January 2015

TRACKER helps police recover 4 Range Rovers hidden inside one shipping container

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TRACKER warns keyless car entry kits on Ebay for less than £100

Date: 16 January 2015

As Jaguar Land Rover is the latest manufacturer to boost its vehicle security

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TRACKER recovers AMG demonstrator stolen from employee's home

Date: 20 November 2014

Scottish Mercedes-Benz dealership fits TRACKER units to all demo vehicles

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TRACKER helps police recover Range Rover worth £50,000 in Birmingham, West Midlands

Date: 10 November 2014

Stolen without keys and located within 20 minutes

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TRACKER urges car owners not to compromise on security protection

Date: 31 October 2014

As BBC Watchdog urges keyless luxury car owners to invest in a tracking device

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Thieves targeting keyless luxury cars in London

Date: 29 October 2014

TRACKER Locate’s autumn discount helps owners thwart car criminals with technology that locates stolen vehicles

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TRACKER sponsors MPG marathon for fourth year running

Date: 07 October 2014

Delivering telematics data to monitor drivers and vehicles en route

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TRACKER Donates Foam Vehicles

Date: 30 September 2014

To Conwy & Denbighshire National Autistic Society Internet Café

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Buying a new car this September? Invest in security

Date: 02 September 2014

Catch thieves out with TRACKER’S stolen vehicle recovery system

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TRACKER sponsors 'Team Rainbow'

Date: 29 August 2014

Deloitte ride across Britain raising money for Marie Curie

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Keyless cars give thieves a free ride

Date: 18 August 2014

TRACKER urges motorists to protect their vehicles from criminals hacking into electronic ignition systems

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TRACKER helps police recover stolen plant

Date: 12 August 2014

TRACKER technology leads police to stolen items across England

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New TRACKER Vision Sprint launched

Date: 23 July 2014

New Plug & Play Element added to TRACKER Vision

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As the harvest season gets into full swing TRACKER warns farmers "protect your assets!"

Date: 14 July 2014

And offers savings to both NFU Members and NFU Mutual insurance customers on its Thatcham Approved Security Units

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TRACKER helps Humberside police recover stolen quad bike

Date: 07 July 2014

TRACKER signal leads police to £20,000 worth of stolen plant in Leicester

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Wakefield and District Housing reap the long-term benefits of fleet telematics thanks to TRACKER

Date: 27 June 2014

Reporting over 25% Reduction in Insurance Claims

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Forty vehicles recovered by TRACKER Mesh Network in just 7 days

Date: 25 June 2014

TRACKER helps police recover an estimated half a million pounds worth of vehicles

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TRACKER wins 2014 Van Fleet World internet award

Date: 27 May 2014

Third Time’s a Charm for TRACKER with wins since 2012

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Savings for AXA customers with TRACKER Locate

Date: 15 May 2014

£300 off insurance premiums and cut price on TRACKER products

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Find out if that used car is TRACKER-equipped using an HPI check

Date: 12 May 2014

New partnership between TRACKER and HPI helps used car buyers ensure they benefit from hidden security features

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TRACKER announces successful testing of crash detection using MIRA facilities

Date: 06 May 2014

State of the art technology recognises even the smallest collision

Read news story »

TRACKER welcomes new police relationship officer

Date: 01 May 2014

Former Police Chief Superintendent Andrew Barrs appointed

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BMW X5 most frequently stolen car five years running

Date: 29 April 2014

TRACKER figures reveal the most stolen and recovered car models of 2013

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Range Rovers at risk in London

Date: 07 April 2014

TRACKER urges owners to protect their vehicles after significant rise in thefts

Read news story »

TRACKER puts its money where its mouth is

Date: 03 April 2014

With the Launch of a New 48 Hour Stolen Vehicle Recovery Guarantee

Read news story »

Tracker helps police recover stolen Kubota

Date: 05 March 2014

TRACKER signal leads police to £20,000 worth of stolen plant in Leicester

Read news story »

Buying a new car: Focus on security

Date: 05 March 2014

Reduce the risk of theft with TRACKER’s stolen vehicle recovery system

Read news story »

Don't become a victim of classic car theft

Date: 28 February 2014

Owner of a stolen Sunbeam Alpine recommends TRACKER to save classic car owners from the same heartache

Read news story »

Cento Engineering selects TRACKER Fleet Telematics

Date: 11 February 2014

Delivering Fleet Efficiency to Enhance Customer Experience and Brand Management

Read news story »

Swift caravan recovered thanks to TRACKER partnership

Date: 11 February 2014

Stopping criminals in their tracks and protecting Swift customers from theft

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TRACKER acquired by Lysanda to establish Tantalum Corporation: market leading telematics solution company

Date: 05 February 2014

The combined companies intend to establish Tantalum Corporation Ltd.  Over the coming months, TRACKER and Lysanda will be developing joint plans and looking at the combined target operating model, supported by Disruptive Capital Finance LLP.

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Tracker launches fuel saving guarantee

Date: 04 February 2014

The first telematics provider to offer 10% minimum saving or money back for fleet managers

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TRACKER forges exclusive technology partnership with Garmin

Date: 15 January 2014

Two market leaders collaborating to develop new fleet solutions – TRACKER Vision

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Don't let 'frost jackers' give you the slip this winter

Date: 03 December 2013

Car thefts rise as temperatures plummet, warns TRACKER

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Tracker team sleeping rough for homeless charity

Date: 26 November 2013

Brave members of staff at TRACKER, the stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert, are joining 200 people to sleep rough for the night in aid of the homeless charity, We Are Trinity. With a target of £40,000, The Big Sleep Out event is the fifth of its kind organised by Trinity. 

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Don't trip up on Twitter

Date: 29 October 2013

TRACKER highlights dangers of revealing too much information on social media

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TRACKER helps the fight against rural crime as the clocks change

Date: 23 October 2013

The overall fall in rural crime has been attributed to improved security features for agricultural vehicles. In fact TRACKER figures show that 58% of plant and agricultural machinery fitted with TRACKER devices are recovered in 24 hours.

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Lincolnshire third highest county for agricultural crime

Date: 23 October 2013

According to new figures, £1.8 million worth of insurance claims were made by Lincolnshire farmers, after having equipment, vehicles and livestock stolen or damaged.

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Reunited in 12 hours

Date: 23 October 2013

TRACKER technology assists Warwickshire Police in returning BMW X5 worth £35,000 to its owner.

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Tracker partnership protects over 10000 Swift UK built caravans

Date: 22 October 2013

TRACKER, the stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert, celebrates the first year anniversary of its partnership with Swift Group, Europe’s leading caravan manufacturer, offering caravan buyers protection from theft at the point of sale. 

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Autumn is prime time for bike thieves

Date: 24 September 2013

TRACKER figures reveal autumn is the most popular season for a motorbike to be stolen

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Beware of car hackers warn TRACKER

Date: 23 September 2013

TRACKER warns car owners to be aware of a new breed of thief, able to break into vehicles and drive off without even needing a key.

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How many stolen vehicles can you fit into a container?

Date: 19 September 2013

TRACKER and Thames Valley Police successfully recover 5 stolen vehicles crammed into one shipping container

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TRACKER helps police recover stolen van and tools in 50 minutes

Date: 19 September 2013

Stolen vehicle recovery investment protects businesses from theft

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TRACKER uncovers stolen Hitachi Mini Digger

Date: 18 September 2013

Lancashire Police located a stolen Hitachi mini digger in under an hour thanks to the signal emitted from a device fitted by TRACKER, the UK's leading stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) solutions provider. 

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Stolen JCB recovered in 2 hours

Date: 10 September 2013

TRACKER offers JCB protection for 16 years

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Keeping van fleets on the road

Date: 04 September 2013

Helping fleet managers stay on top of servicing and maintenance schedules with alerts from TRACKER’s fleet telematics

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Be aware of the dangers of selling your car privately

Date: 28 August 2013

TRACKER offers advice to vehicle owners looking to sell their cars privately and safely. Read more

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TRACKER & SHB Hire Ltd Enhance Partnership

Date: 21 August 2013

TRACKER join forces with SHB Hire to provide added value for customers.

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TRACKER supports Cumbria police rural crime initiative

Date: 31 July 2013

Cumbria police has launched a rural crime initiative, supported by TRACKER

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BMW X5 remains the most frequently stolen car

Date: 26 July 2013

TRACKER figures reveal the most stolen and recovered car models of 2012

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TRACKER partners with Caravan Guard to offer caravan insurance discounts

Date: 26 July 2013

TRACKER has agreed a deal with caravan insurance specialist Caravan Guard, to brings insurance savings to caravan owners with Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve units

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West Yorkshire police quickly recover stolen caravan

Date: 02 July 2013

A brand new Swift Sprite caravan was recovered within 40 minutes of it being reported stolen from Shipley in West Yorkshire

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20 simple steps to vehicle security

Date: 26 June 2013

TRACKER is utilising its 20 years' experience to offer 20 top tips to help owners protect their vehicles

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Car theft spate in south east Essex

Date: 25 June 2013

Residents in south-east Essex have been warned by local Police to be careful with their home security following a spate of burglaries in which cars have been stolen. 

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Making managing fuel costs easy

Date: 19 June 2013

TRACKER launches Fuel Card Integration within its award winning fleet telematics offering.

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TRACKER partners with Towergate Insurance

Date: 21 May 2013

TRACKER is providing black box telematics to encourage Towergate’s corporate fleet customers to drive safely, in turn reducing risk and potentially lowering their commercial insurance premiums.

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TRACKER wins 2013 Van Fleet World Security Award

Date: 21 May 2013

Marking the year TRACKER celebrates 20 years as the leading stolen vehicle recovery expert, the company scoops a prestigious Van Fleet World Honour for a consecutive year. 

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TRACKER continues to bolster management team

Date: 13 May 2013

TRACKER continues to invest in the strength of its management team with the appointment of Kriss Cocomazzi

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Thieves use satnav in stolen cars to lead them to owner's 'home'

Date: 08 May 2013

Thieves in stolen vehicles are using the in-car technology to find an owner’s home and burgle their house, as well as stealing their car.

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Protect customers from car thieves who favour Mercedes-Benz

Date: 02 May 2013

TRACKER reveals last year the company recovered over £2 million worth of Mercedes-Benz.

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TRACKER helps reunite Kent resident with stolen BMW X5 in 5 hours

Date: 30 April 2013

Mr. Dhesi, owner of the stolen BMW X5 comments,“Luckily the inconvenience to my family was minimal as our car was recovered in just 5 hours,”

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Kent and Sussex police warn of Land Rover crime spree

Date: 26 April 2013

Thieves have been sweeping parts of Kent and East Sussex in a spate of Land Rover thefts. TRACKER urges all car owners to take steps to protect their vehicles.

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Older tractors being targeted by thieves

Date: 24 April 2013

Criminals are targeting farms and stealing older tractors worth in excess of £30,000. TRACKER, warns farmers to take security steps to protect them.

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Increase in classic car thefts across the UK

Date: 27 March 2013

Classic car owners are understandably cautious when it comes to installing alarm systems and immobilisers. Some devices can be unsightly, even on modern vehicles, so people feel they affect the look of the vehicle. Whilst that might be the case, the appeal of these vehicles for criminals makes it essential to protect them. Read on for secuity tips for classic car owners.

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Protect your car not just your caravan this summer

Date: 18 March 2013

TRACKER offers caravanners security tips and tracking solutions for their tow vehicles

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Tracker locates stolen Aston Martin in 20 minutes

Date: 18 March 2013

Don’t believe everything you see in a Bond film, TRACKER warns thieves

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Plant owners urged to protect assets with Tracker

Date: 14 March 2013

As more and more UK plant owners fall victim to attack from thieves using jamming devices,  plant owners are urged to protect their assets with a robust stolen vehicle recovery system, immune to GPS jammers, like TRACKER.

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My TRACKER, my mate

Date: 04 March 2013

TRACKER helps its customers save money and improve their journeys with the launch of My TRACKER website. The new offering gives customers online access to real time information on their vehicle from anywhere in the world, in addition to benefiting from TRACKER’s award-winning SVR protection.

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TRACKER creates new head of marketing role

Date: 03 March 2013

TRACKER continues to invest in strengthening its market leading position, with the appointment of Keith Reed as Head of Marketing.

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Rise in use of GPS jammers no threat to Tracker

Date: 21 February 2013

Unlike any other provider of stolen vehicle recovery systems, TRACKER combines GSM, GPS and our unique VHF technology to create the most robust tracking device available. Resilient to GPS/GSM jamming, TRACKER offers vehicle owners the best protection from this growing threat.

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Tracker signs partnership with Red Forge

Date: 20 February 2013

TRACKER, the fleet telematics expert, has joined forces with Red Forge, the market leader in On-Board Weighing systems to enhance the benefits of award winning TRACKER Fleet. 

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TRACKER's Mesh Network locates stolen caravan and two thieves in an hour

Date: 11 February 2013

TRACKER has triumphed once again by locating a customer’s stolen caravan in Farnham

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Tracker, Trains and Automobiles

Date: 07 February 2013

The latest series of BBC Two’s Top Gear will feature fleet tracking expert, TRACKER, as the boys undertake another hair-raising challenge across the globe. 

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Thames police inspector wins European recovery award

Date: 23 January 2013

TRACKER signal leads police to location hiding 16 stolen vehicles destined for Beirut

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TRACKER helps Hampshire Police recover stolen BMW M5

Date: 23 January 2013

Partnership with police uncovers criminal workshop and results in two arrests 

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4x4 targeted by thieves in South Yorkshire

Date: 23 January 2013

TRACKER warns owners to fit a tracking device to increase the chances of recovery

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Belfast Frost-jackers steal 6 cars in 90 minutes

Date: 14 January 2013

A recent spate of thefts in Belfast led to 6 car owners having their vehicles stolen within the space of 90 minutes, as opportunist thieves made off with their vehicles while they left the engines running to de-ice them*. 

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Swift Caravans now fitted with market leading TRACKER security

Date: 22 November 2012

Stolen vehicle recovery expert TRACKER has been chosen to supply its Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve as standard to Swift caravans, bringing unrivalled protection to all of its 2013 models.  

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TRACKER and Crimestoppers join forces to close the gate on rural crime

Date: 18 October 2012

Stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert TRACKER and independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers, are leading the fight against rural crime by launching a new campaign to help tackle what has become a serious and costly issue.

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MPG Marathon turns to TRACKER for vehicle monitoring and tracking

Date: 25 September 2012

We are delighted to be involved in this year’s MPG Marathon. Our expertise in monitoring and assessing vehicle usage and driver behaviour will come to the fore in this exciting partnership.

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TRACKER joins forces with Crimestoppers

Date: 04 June 2012

TRACKER, the stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert, has joined forces with the charity Crimestoppers to cement its commitment to tackling van and vehicle theft and to help the public and rural communities to boost their security efforts.

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Tracker calls on construction industry to protect assets

Date: 22 May 2012

Stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert, TRACKER is urging the construction industry to take action against plant theft as it heads to the CITS (Combined Industries Theft Solutions) 2012 Security Threats Forum, to demonstrate its next generation devices to protect the construction industry.

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TRACKER Fleet wins Van Fleet World Technology Award

Date: 16 May 2012

Re-engineered fleet telematics offering, TRACKER Fleet, scooped the Technology Award at the prestigious Van Fleet World 2012 Honours, presented...

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TRACKER encourages motor insurers to build customer data partnerships

Date: 10 May 2012

TRACKER Managing Director, Stephen Doran, has called upon the motor insurance industry to recognise its core strength of pricing and underwriting expertise and form industrial strength partnerships ...

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TRACKER saves farmer heartache

Date: 09 May 2012

The case of one unfortunate farm owner who has fallen victim to vehicle theft for the second time in two years proves how vulnerable farmers can be....

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Fleet managers confirm vital role of Telematics

Date: 01 May 2012

The latest survey from fleet telematics expert, TRACKER, reveals that 63% of businesses say telematics helped them reduce costs during the tough economic climate. Improving fleet and employee efficiency...

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Win tickets to the Silverstone Grand Prix and a tour of the Red Bull Racing factory

Date: 30 April 2012

Formula 1 fans are in for a treat, as consecutive Double World Championship winning team, Red Bull Racing showcase its RB6 replica showcar at this year's ...

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Rise of GPS jammers a threat for commercial vehicle owners

Date: 26 April 2012

Stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert, TRACKER is urging fleet managers and business owners to safeguard their...

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TRACKER enhances fleet telematics solution with 'driving style'

Date: 25 April 2012

As fuel prices spiral to new heights, never has it been more vital for fleet managers to monitor and evaluate driver behaviour to improve cost efficiencies...

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Growth in GPS no match for TRACKER

Date: 30 March 2012

Criminal gangs can easily import cheap GPS jammers from overseas and use them to steal expensive cars and lorries with valuable loads…..

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TRACKER staff get on their bikes for Sport Relief

Date: 23 March 2012

Come see the team cycle 400 virtual miles on turbo trainer bikes raising money for Sport Relief..

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TRACKER launches Battery Powered Fleet monitoring

Date: 12 July 2011

TRACKER, one of the UK's leading providers of fleet tracking solutions continues to meet the needs of customers, helping them protect their assets, with the launch of Battery Powered TRACKER Fleet...

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TRACKER Caravan Monitor brings added value and security to customers

Date: 01 November 2010

Stolen vehicle recovery expert, TRACKER, has been chosen to supply its TRACKER systems to Bailey Caravans..

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TRACKER Successfully Recovers £45,000 Ducati Desmosedici RR

Date: 16 July 2010

A brand new Ducati Desmosedici RR worth £45,000 was stolen off the driveway of a house in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. However..

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