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TRACKER wins 2014 Van Fleet World internet award

Date: 27 May 2014

   Some things really do come in threes; TRACKER is thrilled to announce it has yet again scooped a Van Fleet World Honour at the 2014 awards. This year’s accolade is for TRACKER’s new product TRACKER Vision and Fuel Savings Guarantee offering, which wins the Internet Award. Presented at a glittering ceremony held at the Royal Automobile Club, TRACKER once again proves its commitment to remaining at the forefront of online telematics innovations.
The Fleet World Honours, which includes the Van Fleet World Honours, is a highly regarded award in the fleet market and recognises motor manufacturers, service companies and individuals who deliver the highest possible level of excellence to the fleet sector.
TRACKER Vision is the result of a collaborative partnership with Garmin, which combines TRACKER’s award-winning fleet telematics technology and back-office job management expertise with Garmin’s satellite navigation units. This means fleet customers using Garmin sat navs will have the functionality of TRACKER Fleet and all the benefits that encompasses, such as job allocation and fleet reporting, journey playback, customised alerts and integration with fuel cards, combined with Garmin functionality such as digital traffic alerts and advanced navigation features.
TRACKER Vision also includes two-way messaging, task management information sent directly to the driver’s screen, job management and statistics to the fleet manager.
Businesses that harness the power of TRACKER Vision can also benefit from TRACKER’s Fuel Savings Guarantee.  TRACKER sees new customers, who don't achieve a minimum 10% saving in year one, after implementing changes to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, get their subscription refunded.
Dan Gilkes, Editor of Van Fleet World, commented, “The Internet is the medium through which so many advances in fleet management have been made. TRACKER is an example of a company that has fully grasped the potential of the internet and used it to deliver an exceptional range of fleet management services.
“We’ve tested TRACKER’s system extensively in recent years in the MPG Marathon and what has impressed us most is the ability to access accurate, concise and well-presented data from virtually anywhere in the country. TRACKER Vision takes the service to a higher level still, combining all the benefits of fleet tracking with sophisticated navigation, messaging, job and task management.

“TRACKER has developed from being a stolen vehicle recovery company to being one of the most comprehensive providers of fleet data. Such is their confidence that TRACKER products are backed up with a fuel-saving guarantee – that’s hard to beat.”


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