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TRACKER supports Cumbria police rural crime initiative

Date: 31 July 2013

Cumbria Police has launched a rural crime initiative, supported by TRACKER, the leading stolen vehicle and assets recovery experts, to increase public awareness of the growing issue of rural crime. Through a series of local events, the scheme aims to get members of the community to report suspicious activity to police immediately and by noting down the registration details of suspicious vehicles.

The initiative is also being backed by a Cumbria dairy farmer who had a quad bike stolen in 2012, at a financial loss of over £2k, only to become a victim again in May 2013. Luckily with the foresight of being a victim of crime once, this canny farmer had fitted a TRACKER to the new quad bike and within 12 hours of the tracking unit being activated it was recovered.

Stolen quad bike victim and supporter of the Cumbria Police initiative says, “Being a victim of theft made us more vigilant and we took the steps to get TRACKER units installed on our new quad bike as well as our tractor and car. The quad bike had been in storage over winter and unfortunately some of the wiring had been nibbled at by mice so my son was fixing it.  By coincidence, only a few days before the theft, we received a call from TRACKER to enquire if we still owned our quad bike. It turned out that due to the fact my son had disconnected the battery during repairing the wiring, a  signal had been triggered to TRACKER, hence they were checking up on the situation. A few days later the quad bike was actually stolen. As soon as we realised it had been taken we alerted the police and TRACKER and to our relief the quad bike was recovered in a matter of hours.”

Adrian Davenport, Police Liaison Officer for TRACKER comments, “Rural thefts cause a lot of heartache and inconvenience to victims, whose livelihood often depends on these items. In many cases criminals will watch farms to determine where vehicles and machinery are stored and then steal them in the dead of night. It is great to see Cumbria Police taking such positive action and TRACKER is only too pleased to support them and members of the rural communities.”

TRACKER is celebrating 20 years of the successful vehicle recovery, and it’s this expertise which makes TRACKER the leader in stolen plant and agricultural recovery. Designed specifically for the plant and agricultural sector, TRACKER Plant offers an unrivalled level of protection against theft, as well as significantly increasing the chances of recovery. The system is Thatcham approved, offering added quality assurance. TRACKER also offers Battery Powered TRACKER Retrieve which is ideal for assets without access to a power source.

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