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TRACKER & SHB Hire Ltd Enhance Partnership

Date: 21 August 2013

Specialist vehicle hire and fleet management company, SHB Hire Ltd, has joined forces with leading vehicle tracking provider, TRACKER, to provide their fleet customers with a one-stop solution for vehicle provision, fleet management and telematics. This partnership builds on the existing 11 year relationship between the two companies and will allow SHB customers to accurately monitor their vehicles using TRACKER’s advanced telematics system, so they can enjoy all the benefits of a fleet management system.
SHB is already using the TRACKER Fleet system within its own fleet to improve efficiencies and reduce its carbon footprint through better route planning and driver monitoring.  Having proven the technology works for themselves, SHB has now partnered with TRACKER to offer TRACKER Fleet to its customers through one provider.
Commenting on the partnership, Nicky Simpson, Head of Fleet Solutions of SHB said “We’ve been working with TRACKER for a number of years now to monitor the vehicles used by our mobile technicians and logistics teams.  The information fed back to us has enabled us to improve response times, enhance route planning for deliveries and achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption.  We wanted our customers to enjoy the same benefits so it was a natural move to join with TRACKER to provide this as an additional service.  In doing so we have further strengthened our fleet management offering and ensured that SHB is a true one-stop-shop solution for our customers”. 
SHB offer one of the UK’s largest and most diverse hire fleets with over 10,000 vehicles and plant including Europe’s largest 4x4 hire fleet and now since its acquisition of Golf Buggy Hire, buggies and ATV’s.  SHB’s speciality is flexibility and the ability to adapt and create bespoke solutions to meet customer requirements. SHB is able to provide equipment on short, flexi, long-term and contract hire from cars, standard and specialist, to LCV’s and HGV’s and specialist units such as mobility, refrigeration and those for highway maintenance.
Celebrating its 20th year in 2013, TRACKER’s award-winning TRACKER Fleet system helps businesses meet the challenges facing them today. SHB customers will be offered one of the most comprehensive telematics systems available on the market, incorporating groundbreaking patented technology to help increase operational efficiency, monitor their drivers' behaviour, help maintain customer service levels and allow fleet managers to understand the way they are using their hire vehicles. 
In addition, SHB customers will be able to monitor their driver’s location and take advantage of TRACKER Fleet’s Geofence setting, which allows fleet managers to create an area on a map around a defined location. This can be set in any shape or size and can either keep a vehicle inside the area or away from it. If the vehicle then breaches the Geofence, an alert will be sent to the SHB customer.
David Wilson, Sales and Service Director for TRACKER, concludes, “Pressure on businesses to reduce costs and improve service levels means telematics is becoming an essential for fleets. However this pressure also means that many companies rely on vehicle hire to remain flexible. By joining forces, TRACKER and SHB are providing customers with a service which utilises the expertise of both companies to offer a truly all-encompassing service.”  

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